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What exactly is a recommendation question?

What exactly is a 'recommendation' question? I understand and agree with avoiding questions on SO that garner answers which are basically opinions or preferences, such as "I like X" or "We use Y and ...
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Let's rescue wayward resource requests! (trial run)

A few months, back, Stijn raised the issue of old, closed resource-requests: When searching for a library/tool/... with my favourite search engine, there are often results from Stack Overflow. Since ...
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Can we please clear misunderstanding that deleting old highly upvoted posts causes reputation loss?

One of the reasons I've heard for not wanting to delete old posts that are really not up to today's standards is that the reputation will be lost. An example (and I'm not trying to pick on a moderator ...
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Why was this answer deleted? This is a perfectly fine, totally accurate answer. Why on Earth was it deleted by the moderator?
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How many old, accepted, high score link-only answers are there?

<! dedicated to Brad Larson ( -> As far as I can tell there are some difficulties in the handling of certain kind of link-only answers. I would ...
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I need some help understanding these disputed NAA flags

I noticed some of my recent NAA flags were disputed and I have a hard time understanding why. I understand that the community (or a moderator?) decides the result of a flag and I respect that. However ...
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Why was my link-only flag declined as no evidence?

I found this answer while searching posts, and noticed it was nothing but a link. As such, I flagged it as NAA (because I couldn't flag as VLQ). However, it was quickly declined with the following: ...
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Do link only answers get a free pass just because they are highly voted? [duplicate]

I recently came across this question and this accepted answer for the same question. Here's a screenshot for convenience. This answer, by the way, does not have as many votes as another answer which ...
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Why is my historic question about finding resources deleted?

One week ago, my (now deleted) question had 45 upvotes, no downvotes, 26 stars, 9k views and 6 helpful answers. It was in the top 15 questions of the Guava tag, and people regularly updated the ...
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Delete voting shows an out-of-context warning

I was handling some of the delete requests for the Cleanup 500 old terse answers that either have hidden value or indicate awful questions when I was met with a somewhat frightening pop-up: that ...
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I asked an off-topic question, but now what? [duplicate]

So I asked an off-topic question here, At first, I didn't realize it was off-topic, but now I realize ...
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Include a JIT help for LOA which would be flagged as NAA

Considering that it isn't immediately obvious that we can fix link only answers by extracting the relevant information from links, and Shog's effort to make anyone aware of this option in meta I feel ...
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What to do with this high-voted Link-only answer? [duplicate]

I've recently seen this answer. It has a lot of upvotes, but it is still a link-only answer. Moreover this answer is slightly off-topic in view of the question (tell about server config on an ...
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