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Is recommended?

I've just discovered that there is a site, but what is the official view of using this in comments? Although the text of the pages are well-written and carry an overall ...
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The [underscores] tag is in the process of being cleaned

The Phase #2 of the burnination process described here, is completed and it has been decided that the tag should NOT be removed from the system, but instead the tag needs to be cleaned up and ...
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Which SEO questions should be closed as non-programming/non-admin?

What criteria should we be applying when deciding whether questions are off-topic? Is there any sort of rough consensus on this? Why are SEO questions shut down as not programming related? Is SEO a ...
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Should I be flagging incorrect "possible duplicate" comments as not constructive?

Reviewing You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue, I see this TL:DR (emphasis mine): TL;DR: Review carefully. Don't delete everything. Deletion is for things ...
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Request new users to read tag information when asking question

Problem New users sometimes: use many unrelated (wrong) tags. ask off-topic questions, despite the warning in excerpts. Issue We have a tag excerpt, but it's only shown to the user for a very short ...
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Blacklist the [seo] tag

This issue has been kicked around Meta more times than I care to count. The [seo] tag needs to no longer be used on SO. There's a few reasons not to ask for burnination, not the least of which is ...
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Help new users by making tagging smarter

Stack Overflow tagging is... well, it works. Kind of. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. There's a few problems I've noticed, and I think there's low hanging fruit to helping new users (since that's now ...
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Is it true that I am not allowed to change my user name after one or two times?

I think I changed it once and then a second time (but that was some 4, 5 years ago). And right now I cannot change it (I don't see the UI for changing it at all). One thing I found was that if I use ...
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How do we remove a Documentation tag? [closed]

So I noticed that SEO now has Documentation. It has one topic with one example that says this (literally) Installation or Setup Detailed instructions on getting seo set up or installed. So ...
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Let's stop the [backlink]s

backlink (almost always used in conjunction with everyone's favorite tag seo) There's no on-topic usage for this. Backlinks are an SEO metric that search engines use to measure a site's popularity (...
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Why did I fail this VLQ review audit? It's not VLQ, NAA, spam, abusive, a comment, or a thank you [duplicate]

I just failed this review in the VLQ queue and was given a ban for it. I don't understand what is VLQ about the post. Perhaps the post provided a technologically incorrect answer to the OP's question,...
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The "How to Answer" section should include a "DO NOT post images of code" warning just like the "How to Ask" section does

In the How To Ask, there is the warning "DO NOT post images of code, data, error messages, etc.". Shouldn't this warning also be included in the How To Answer section?
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