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Stack Snippets being misused

Not long after the general introduction of Stack Snippets, there are already some posts that use them wrongly. Today I came across a question with a stack-snippet containing CasperJS code which is ...
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Should it be more obvious that stack snippets are only meant for HTML/CSS/JS?

Sometimes I see questions like one, two and three where a user unfamiliar with stack snippets pastes their C or C++ code into the stack snippet box. Now admittedly this doesn't happen very often, but ...
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Edit clearly violating my answer voted `approve` by reviewer

I have recently posted to the topic with a bounty opened. It's tagged algorithm and my answer contains some pseudo-code. The question got edited by a quite new user (rep. 190) by wrapping my pseudo-...
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How can we keep people from using 'JavaScript/ HTML/ CSS snippet' option with other languages?

I have mostly seen that users use the JavaScript snippet option with other languages like Python, C++, and C. How can we do our best to help them understand this option? Here is a post in which a user ...
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Convert code snippet to code block button

In the tags I frequent (C# and ASP.NET) the code snippet feature is often used incorrectly. Code snippets do not support ASP.NET controls, inline syntax from ASP.NET Web Forms or Razor, and certainly ...
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Warning when snippet mark-up is used on posts not tagged with <...>

I've seen many questions where Java, SQL, etc. code was marked up using a snippet tool. In such cases we are presented with a more cluttered screen for no benefit at all. Since currently only HTML/...
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Replace code snippets by normal code block if JavaScript tag is absent

Some users (probably mostly new users) tend to use the "code snippet" tool for code in languages that aren't supported by Stack Snippets. Would it not make sense to disable the code snippets ...
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Abusing the Code Snippet for wrong languages

I see this at least once a day, someone puts their Java or even C code in the Code Snippet thing that's meant exclusively for HTML / CSS / JS. What it means - someone has to manually remove the magic ...
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Code Snippet as a formatting tool

Since the Stack Snippet is being misused, let us make it a feature! My proposal is to add a dropdown to select the language, and let people paste their code inside to format the code. The language ...
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automatic code snippet transformation with no reason [edit abusing]

There is a lot of questions dealing about how code snippet aren't well used and in many cases, users are abusing of them thinking they may add value to their question. Here is some of them: Abusing ...
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Show a warning when on Stack Snippets throwing errors

Tl;Dr: Make use of the Ask question warnings to reduce the misuse of Stack Snippets. Automatically run it in the background when the user click the "Review your questions button", if there ...
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