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Documentation Reputation Update Is Live [closed]

TL;DR Noticed your rep change? It’s because we’re deploying an update to the rep in the Documentation Beta as was announced a couple weeks ago. The biggest change: there is now a “minor” ...
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Documentation Update, August 29th [closed]

This is the third post in our series of regular (roughly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Yes, it’s been three weeks since the last update, but at ...
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Documentation is on its way to becoming the next W3Schools [closed]

Motivation: I only posted this because I have seen complaints from others about the exact same type of behavior in multiple tags. I was able to participate in the non-public documentation period....
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Documentation review may be encouraging wrong behavior [closed]

I'm saying this with caution because I'm basing my experience on a documentation topic that is very small and does not have enough contributors. I've observed that since the documentation review ...
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Allow for Area 51-like mini-metas per documentation tag [closed]

The issue Ultimately it looks like comments on topic proposals and change proposals are just not enough. They're not a platform for general tag-specific discussion. Currently we come to meta, but ...
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Documentation Update, September 29th [closed]

This is the fifth post in our series of regular (roughly fortnightly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Shipped Changes Reputation As announced ...
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Index of Documentation update announcements [closed]

Is there a collated list of Documentation updates by developers?
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Proposal to group your related questions together in a series

I think it would be useful if we could group questions together in (a) series. For example, the Documentation Beta updates are a series of questions, but they aren't grouped as such: Documentation ...
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Improvement requests need to be improved [closed]

There are some issues at the moment with improvement requests in Documentation. Sometimes improvement requests stay around even thought they've been handled (because editors forget to dismiss them ...
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Documentation contributor chain on an Example is broken after a Topic move [closed]

Strange journey to get here I gave this answer, where I linked to a docs example I wrote back before public beta I got the Creditor badge for said link. But... First citation of a topic or example ...
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Description Section in Documentation [duplicate]

Something I noticed about documentation was that descriptions are often included in examples. It seems to me that there should be a section specifically for describing what something is. To me it ...
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