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I flagged a post as VLQ accidentally and I can't retract it -- why? [duplicate]

I was trying to flag a post as VLQ but it didn't let me saying "You don't have the permissions to use this type of flag" or something similar to this. I got surprised as I could flag posts ...
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Can't retract VLQ flag on a question after it was edited [duplicate]

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Cannot retract flag: what can be the reason? [duplicate]

I flagged a post whose quality was terrible, but the user improved it, so I decided to retract the pending flag: However, when I go on the post, there isn't the option to retract it: What could be ...
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It's impossible to retract VLQ flag if someone up-votes post after flag [duplicate]

Monitoring Stack Overflow, I saw an unregistered user posting answer with a link to a blog, which lead me to raise a VLQ flag, user posted same answer on other post (another VLQ flag and comment), ...
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Unable to retract a VLQ flag [duplicate]

In regards to this answer that was posted for: How to get Request Referer PHP that I later closed as a duplicate, tried flagging for moderation using the following message: I wanted to retract my ...
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Can not retract very-low-quality flag after the post is upvoted [duplicate]

It is known that we can not flag a post as "very-low-quality" if it has a positive score. But for example, if I initially flag a post with zero score as "very-low-quality", then when later this post ...
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Add ability to cancel flags

It occasionally happens that a post or comment is flagged in error. Perhaps one's finger slipped and the wrong tiny icon was clicked. Perhaps the text was misread and a subsequent reading makes one ...
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Where is Low Quality flag?

I wanted flag some post for its low quality (here is a link). That post is too old (2016), but it contains only error text that is unuseful for most people. But there is no Low Quality flag to be used!...
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Why can I put two flags on one question at the same time?

When reviewing this question I initially flagged it as Very Low Quality. I thought about it for a few minutes and then realized it would probably be better as an off topic opinion based flag because ...
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Is there a way to abort post flagging? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I flag posts I make mistakes like I find better category from different flags, or user posts a comment that changes the meaning of the question etc. Is there some functionality that ...
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