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The rudeness on Stack Overflow is too damn high

We’ve been there, we’ve done that. I know. But I have to air a feeling of powerlessness against certain disruptive users, and I think that Stack Overflow should have a better mechanism of mitigating ...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

We've all heard and done our fair share of complaining about declining question quality. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Various ideas have been floated, but haven't gotten significant traction for various ...
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Is this constructive or am I just being rude?

In this question: TextBoxFor displaying initial value, not the value updated from code I left the following comment: @AdrienTancrez Stop being a cargo cult programmer. Read the documentation ...
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Can I have a dump of rude/abusive comments?

We already know it is possible for a machine to be taught to classify comments automatically. This incredible post used machine learning techniques with an initial training on known good and flaggable ...
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How can we discourage over-downvoting on questions?

Some people go a bit over the top downvoting. It isn't exactly welcoming to new users. My process is this: Is it a good question? Upvote. If not: Spam? Flag. Otherwise: Very obviously bad? Are you ...
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I lost my temper - did I?

Ok, I'm the guy in the "too much" hat for today... A question that I found to be - despite its correct looks - without effort made me ask for details. I admit it was not in a nice tone, that's clear. ...
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Are we getting overly aggressive in comments towards homework questions (again)?

There was a relatively basic question (10K users only) posted on SO today, and I had made a comment in hopes of prodding the asker to a solution. I came back to it about ten minutes later and saw ...
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Answering off topic questions

I understand that Stack Overflow wants to keep only good quality questions but if somebody knows the answer to an off topic question that will help the SO and other users that run into the same issue, ...
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Do we need good, concrete examples in the "Be Nice" Category?

Our "Be Nice" page is pretty good, but I think it needs examples. I see a number of repeated patterns in comments, especially with new users. On Hackernews they have a page ( https://news....
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What exactly is considered 'Rude or Offensive' in comments anymore?

I know all too well the routine of a new Stack Overflow user. They ask a poor question, and then get burned by comments saying things such as: "Go do your own homework" "Have you tried anything?" "...
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Are "this is a duplicate" statements made by 'bots or people who don't read the question? [closed]

While I'm sure that there are many duplicate questions asked, sometimes questions aren't truly duplicates. So when I get a question flagged as "this question is a duplicate" and I look up the ...
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Are comments saying a question isn't good enough to be answered constructive [duplicate]

I'm going to re-word this from my last post . If I ask a question, and people say things along the lines of "are you kidding me? Of course it isn't ..." Or "It would be stupid if ..." And "Well if you ...
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How to categorize/flag arrogant "We're not here to..." comments?

Sometimes I see responses in comments such as "[So you want us to ... | We're not here to...]" [do your homework | review and correct your code | ... ]. These come across as quite arrogant. ...
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How to correctly flag these comments?

Re: How does std::forward work? Under the question, comments #2 and #3 could be flagged for removal as the original offending comment has been removed. It took re-reading these comments a few times ...
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