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"Too minor" edits - better to leave poor quality on the site?

I have seen a few posts recently on this meta site that make me wonder about "minor edits": Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits What is wrong with minor edits? When an edit only fixes ...
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No Thanks, Damn It!

For a while this year, I was on a crusade, editing posts to remove "Thanks". But there were far too many of those posts. So I started to remove "Thanks in advance". But there were ...
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How do I make a good edit?

I would like to edit posts on Stack Overflow. How do I make a good edit that will improve the quality of the post? Return to FAQ index
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Review suspension progressive system

Some time ago I was suspended for two days for having performed too many incorrect reviews. Two days passed but unfortunately I made a review mistake again and failed an audit (failed only one, it's ...
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How to deal with serial tag-only edits from Sub 2k users?

I was reviewing Suggested Edits today and came across a good 10 reviews in a row with tag only edits from a single user Example Now at first I thought, okay nothing suspicious. But I quickly ...
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How to make >2K users make better edits

Let me start off by saying I do not know an answer to this question and that is why I have tagged it as discussion. A lot of the time I come across an edit made by a >2k user that just makes one ...
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Should we approve suggested edits that just remove thanks? [duplicate]

During a review I saw severals time the same user that just remove "Thanks in advance". After some hesitation I accepted this suggestion review, but sometimes in the same situation I had rejected ...
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User spamming edits removing only "Thanks" [duplicate]

I just rejected multiple edits by a single user since he only removed the "Thanks" or "Thanks in advance" part of any answer. After looking at the users history of reputation change I saw that he got ...
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Rejected when removing unneeded comment?

I've edited a lot of posts in the past where I've removed comments like "thanks", "please help me", etc. and yet I just had an edit rejected for that exact reason. Am I doing something wrong? I've ...
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"Too minor" reason to reject an edit has been removed [duplicate]

Recently (but I admit I didn't review edits for some time) I noticed that "Too minor" reject reason for an editing has been dropped (specifically I was about to reject this edit). Now we have "No ...
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