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Profile picture changed automatically [duplicate]

My profile picture changed 5 minutes after answering a question. I did not change it myself. It used to look like this: Now, it looks like this: Why did this happen? Is this an update or something?...
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Mutating Gravatar [duplicate]

My gravatar has always been yellow, but as of about 10 minutes ago (~10PM EST) I noticed it had changed in the navigation bar. And in my profile. But my posts are still clinging to the yellow they ...
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Why has my auto-generated profile picture changed? [duplicate]

My auto-generated profile picture was green, it's now blue and a different pattern. Pretty sure this has changed at some point today, but only just noticed. Not a problem, but intrigued to know why ...
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Two different avatars? [duplicate]

I've noticed that I seem to have two different avatars. When I use the chatrooms and visit my profile, I see the following dark blue/purple avatar: When I look at my questions, or my profile in the ...
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Different avatar depending on size [duplicate]

I noticed that my avatar change depending on the size displayed. In the header of the site where the avatar is small the correct image is displayed while in posts and on my user's details another ...
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My avatar icon has reset, but only on Stack Overflow

Just now when I went to Stack Overflow I noticed that my avatar icon has changed. But only the little one at the top of the page, next to my reputation. When I open my profile, or even my Network ...
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Gravatar identicons appearing...sometimes

When my avatar appears on posts, I'm seeing the identicon but when I hover over the signature I get my avatar back:
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Channels overwrote my SE image with my SO image

Backstory I have one picture for Stack Overflow (Gravatar style) and another one which is visible on the whole of Stack Exchange (my face). When I signed up to channels it showed me my SO image (...
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How do I get my old identicon back? [duplicate]

I was going through my profile, and I realised that I had to update my email address. Well, as soon as I did so, my identicon changed to a new one, something I did not want at all because I loved my ...
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My Avatar has completely changed

This is a NOT a duplicate of Why did my avatar change? That question is about a colour change, and it seems to be fixed. Today (31st August 2016) my avatar on Stackoverflow completely changed. Since ...
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Why is my profile picture near the search bar different from the one on my profile?

The profile picture that is displayed near the search bar on stackoverflow is different from the one displayed on my SO profile. Why is this? Near the search bar: On my profile: Is this a bug? This ...
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Avatar displayed instead of profile picture

There seems to be a strange behavior in my profile. Maybe someon can explain this to me. When writing posts the gravatar is displayed: When i hover the picture the profile picture is displayed: ...
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