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How to improve an old, bad question when editing may invalidate exising answers? [duplicate]

This question that I asked last year is still receiving downvotes to this day. I've gotten better at programming, and now I realize how stupid the example code in the question is. I edited the ...
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Vandalizing own question due to bounty preventing deletion [duplicate]

In a question, the OP vandalized their own question, because they realized the question is invalid after they launched a bounty on the question. This invalidated one or more existing answers. I'm very ...
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How to add details to a Stack Overflow question [duplicate]

I use these services a lot, but still, I have a question. When I ask something, Apache Syncope modify @XmlElement and after an answer, I think I have to add more details (in the example I suppose ...
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I answered a question which was replaced by a totally different one [duplicate]

I answered a question about topic X. When I came back, cause of a comment, the question was 100% replaced and now was asking about topic Y. So my answer (which is/was the only one) is now totally ...
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What to do when I edit a Stack Overflow question and I already have an answer [duplicate]

I edited a question and It had been already answered but the answer did't help me. So I edited the question and the answer is no longer related with the question. Shall I edit the question? I feel ...
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How to handle questions that morph into a completely different question? [duplicate]

I've seen this a number of times. Someone asks a question that is pretty clear, and answers are provided that address that question. But the question turns out to not be the whole story in terms of ...
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What should I do when a user keeps changing their question expecting me to change my answer to match? [duplicate]

Today I had a question which I answered. The person clearly couldn't use PowerShell. I've provided three times an answer to the question updating the code, only to see the exact same code I've ...
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Someone advised not to edit my question since it would invalidate existing answers, but I don't believe it does. What should I do? [duplicate]

Because editing questions invalidates answers, as said by a moderator in the comments. However in the "How can I get out of a question ban" reading hosted on the official site, it was recommended to ...
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Question with Bounty (+150) got answered and accepted. After discussion in comments the answer was unaccepted (for no reason)) [duplicate]

After seeing that the question had a 150-reputation points bounty, I put a little effort in the question and extended his code. After one question from the questioner in the comment and my answer, the ...
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User unaccepts answer because he adds more requirements to the question [duplicate]

I recently saw an answer of mine being unaccepted. No big deal I though, there probably is a better answer now. When I went to look at the question I saw that the OP commented on my answer with ...
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Can users change questions (after a year+) making previous answers invalid/bad? [duplicate]

I remember responding with an answer to a user's questions many months ago. I received many +1s for the answer. Then suddenly I receive bad reps and a high-rank user commented to me that I did not ...
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What should I do when a question was edited so my answer is no longer valid? [duplicate]

In What enables a function trait type to be used where an fn type is expected?, in the first revision, the question contradicted the code (the question was, though it was not clear to me, the same as ...
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Is it OK for an OP to cut and paste an answer to modify his code in the question without acknowledgment [duplicate]

I am referring to this post The questioner had a number of problems he was trying to overcome with his code, the main issue he was having was how to use a regular expression to extract some values ...
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Question edited by the OP after someone answered [duplicate]

This is my first meta-post and I couldn't find this exact discussion here yet. I often see new or newer users edit their question after an answer has been given. The reason for editing is that the OP ...
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What should I do when a user appropriates my answer in his question? [duplicate]

I've just answered a question, my answer was close to be working (a detail was missing). Then the question poster has appropriated my answer and copied it in his question. What should we do when this ...
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