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Tearing Down the Structure of Documentation [closed]

If you have told us (or privately thought) Documentation isn't working: You are correct. It isn't. Yet. Since early on in the private beta of Documentation, we’ve used a simple, rigid structure: Tags =...
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Is Documentation a failed experiment? [closed]

Early on, I made some small change to some small part of PHP Documentation and occasionally see a single rep point pop up, but I NEVER find myself visiting it for ANY reason now. Matteo Italia's well ...
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Documentation Update, August 29th [closed]

This is the third post in our series of regular (roughly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Yes, it’s been three weeks since the last update, but at ...
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What's Documentation for? [closed]

I've been raising this question occasionally in comments for a while now, but I thought it was worth asking it as a Meta question: just what's the point of Documentation? What niche do the development ...
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More hierarchical structure needed for documentation topics [closed]

I originally posted this in the documentation beta, but it got no response and almost no views there. I'm not sure if it's because few people are monitoring the documentation beta or because the topic ...
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Are examples allowed to be too large? [closed]

There is some debate on what the size of an example should be. Some of the discourse has been focused on the balance between prose and code, and some between snippet or tutorial. However, I would ...
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Examples limit on documentation causes examples to be smushed together [closed]

This post is 4 examples in one - and they seem unrelated. It all comes under the topic banner, but there is no good reason for them to be together. So I edit 3 out, and go to add a new example but ...
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What's the focus of Documentation? [closed]

I was under the impression that Documentation was geared towards self-contained, short and pragmatic examples, since often we learn something by first trying it. However, prose seems to prevail and ...
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What level of experience should we assume for readers of SO Documentation? [closed]

I was making a couple of updates to the HTML documentation and realised that I wasn't clear on exactly who the audience is meant to be. If it's introductory material how introductory should it be? ...
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Reduce importance of examples in Documentation [closed]

From what I understood from the numerous discussions about Documentation and from the tour, Documentation is based on the following hypothesis: documentation based on examples is more useful than a ...
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