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Ethical Jobs in Careers

I've noticed an advertisement in Stack Overflow Careers for a company that makes installers that steal the user's browser home page and installs unwanted toolbars and adware without informing the user....
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We'll always endeavor to do what's right. We'll try to do It better next time

We don't know if or when there will be another occasion that compels us to use our company voice to take a stance on something that's happening in the world. The fact is that we simply don't know what ...
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How can I remove Crossover from my emailed "occasional jobs"?

It is possible to remove companies such as Crossover from the standard searches. However, I'm also getting emails You're receiving this email because you are opted in to Stack Overflow emails ...
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The 'Crossover' job ads have a funny smell

There's something about Crossover which comes across as scammy, or proto-scammy. I've read around a bit and the answers out there on the interwebs don't reassure me much. My question is: does the ...
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How do I alert Stack Overflow about job postings that do not have the developer first mindset?

There are two notorious temp agencies in the Philadelphia area who fish or harvest labor, but never actually have any actual tech jobs to offer. They are just harvesting your information. Not even ...
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Allow individual users to blacklist certain companies

Is it possible to blacklist a company not to be shown from Job search results? I really liked the job results that I was getting until 50% of them became ads from Crossover. There's a separate topic ...
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Jobs: How to block an employer (before any contact)?

There's a section Blocked employers on the .../jobs/messages page. I couldn't find a way to add one there. The Help Center section doesn't give a hint, either. [Edited after comments] I found Is ...
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Should I report a company if I know they are lying in their jobs posting

I'm not going to name anyone here, but if I know categorically that a company is lying on their Joel's 12 point score (i.e. saying they do things that I know they don't), should I report it? I ...
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How to report recruiter spam on Jobs?

Stackoverflow's Jobs promises No recruiter spam You'll always know the hiring company when an employer messages you but I just received a message from someone who offers to add me to his ...
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Is this Crossover fulltime remote job too good to be true? [closed] provides a lucrative salary for techies like us from developing countries and admits to providing abroad projects to work on a full-time remote basis. One such job posted: https://...
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Global "Dismiss and never show again" button for companies

Many users of Jobs have companies they just don't want to do business with. It can be for a variety of reasons, like: You just came from the company You really dislike the company's mission You have ...
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"No recruiter spam" [duplicate]

"No recruiter spam. You'll always know the hiring company when an employer messages you." That's what the banner in the top of the job page says. Yet the majority of vacancies are from Crossover, ...
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How do I exclude job posts from Crossover when searching? [duplicate]

I noticed that whenever I search for any job I'm always presented with a ton of job openings from a company called Crossover. I'm not interested in that company and would like to exclude it from my ...
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Pretty harsh language in Job application rejection and Scam Jobs on Stackoverflow [duplicate]

I applied for a job application in 2016 and the job application clearly mentioned the Visa Sponsor tag, but my application was rejected because they said they were looking for someone in the United ...
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