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How to search for dollar sign or exclamation mark? [duplicate]

I want to look for questions/answers in which !$ appears. I type !$ in the Search bar in and I get 0 results. I also try escaping those symbols \!\$ and still nothing. ...
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How do I escape the wildcard asterisk character in a Stack Overflow search? [duplicate]

For example, how do I search for the search string "select *"? I didn't find the answer here: It specifies that asterisk is the wildcard character but it ...
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Improve search results for at symbol (@) [duplicate]

In r, @ is a special symbol used to extract components from a specific (but common) type of list object. Today a question asked for the meaning of this symbol. The question is a near-exact duplicate ...
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How can I search for brackets? [duplicate]

I'm trying to search for ["content-available"] or [content-available]. But I don't want to search for them as a tag. They are exactly the string that I want to search for :D I'm hoping to find ...
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Where can I find some interesting JavaScript questions to answer?

I have a lot experience in JavaScript, although now I can hardly keep up with its fast progress, but I do not find many questions that are interesting or worthwhile to answer. The most common ...
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Blacklist [dollar-sign]

I encountered a question just now whose sole and only tag was dollar-sign. I repaired it to have a tag that actually might cause it to be found by someone who could answer it. Then I did a quick tag ...
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More exact exact search

How can I search for an exact phrase with non-alphanumeric characters being exact too? I've tried to search for "focus-within" (a CSS pseudo-class), but the system keeps showing me pages that contain ...
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Please enable "symbol" search

I wanted to read about ?? in PHP. I searched, It returns 0 results. But there are good questions, like C#'s null coalescing operator (??) in PHP, ...
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Suggestions on how to Combat Plagiarism in Documentation [closed]

I have spent the last 48 hours going over the Documentation (for the SQL topic primarily) and have noticed a large volume of plagiarized code. It seems people are just ripping off the MSDN technical ...
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Replace the built-in Elastic Search with results from Google instead

Google gives better search results than the built-in search The built-in Elastic Search just can't compete with Google search results (except in one particular case, see Exception below), and people ...
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What magic are you using to find duplicate questions in reasonable amount of time?

Often I google my question, find no answer on Stack Overflow then ask a question, look through "Questions that may already have your answer" and see nothing reasonable and then someone marks my ...
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Code searching at the end of 2022

Tl;Dr: As of November 2022, is Google still the best option to search for posts including specific code methods? I'm trying to find questions with code generated by the Google Sheets Macro Recorder. ...
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How to search for an answer containing two specific words?

I was trying to search for an answer I gave some months ago. I recalled that it had the words bless and recursion, so I tried enter the following in the search box: user:2173773 is:answer bless ...
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No search results found for "DELETE *" for a database-related question

I remember doing both a Stack and Google search for DELETE * in the not too distant past on a few occasions in regards to (MySQL) database-related questions where results were found. I tried finding ...
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Search results missing in close as duplicate because it has no answers

I was trying to close something as a duplicate, and I thought it would be real quick to use user:me score:100 to find questions that were mine with a score of 100. Unfortunately, it was not the case; ...
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