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Reduce importance of examples in Documentation [closed]

From what I understood from the numerous discussions about Documentation and from the tour, Documentation is based on the following hypothesis: documentation based on examples is more useful than a ...
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Linking to Documentation gives you +5 reputation [closed]

I answered a question here and referred to one article I contributed to documentation in the initial days. I got 5 rep as you can see from below screenshots: Why do we need to get rep for ...
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Trying to understand Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

Someone will probably point me to a readme/blogpost, but I don't really understand Stack Overflow documentation. Maybe it should be renamed Stack Overflow Examples? Documentation usually ...
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What's the focus of Documentation? [closed]

I was under the impression that Documentation was geared towards self-contained, short and pragmatic examples, since often we learn something by first trying it. However, prose seems to prevail and ...
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Will Documentation duplicate effort and waste resources? [closed]

Disclaimer: I do not speak for any projects. I have helped with the documentation of these two projects, that's all. PHP has really good documentation, with lots of examples. Maybe some curation ...
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How do we write good questions and answers? [closed]

Yes I am revisiting this, but please remember that I'm also asking about answers, not just questions. There are a lot of frustrated users, including me, who want to write good questions, but just can'...
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