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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...
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Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

I'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself "Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand ...
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Documentation Update, August 4th [closed]

This is the second post in our series of regular (roughly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Shipped Changes Review Rules We've just enabled an ...
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Remove or Overhaul Reputation in Documentation [closed]

I think I can speak for many users to state that the current system of reputation gain from Documentation is implemented such that users can take advantage of it for easy reputation gain. I've seen ...
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Documentation doesn't look good right now [closed]

I'm familiar with C# / .Net so I naturally tried to see what was available for those tags. Currently it just looks like a bunch of random topics: The dashboard doesn't help either. Then I tried to ...
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Minimum tag score for adding documentation [closed]

Since the documentation has launched, I have noticed that there are many entries are being written by users with low or no tag score. For example, the C++ preprocessor section, some of the posts were ...
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How much reputation is given per documentation post per day - convert to community wiki [closed]

Has anyone looked into specific numbers of how much reputation is being given out on documentation? It's like a hyperinflation, crashing any meaning to reputation as a measure of trust. If you take ...
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Can we please introduce more reputation limits for examples on Documentation? [closed]

Documentation. Also known as a gold mine for people who love to get easy reputation points. Right now it's being (ab)used by many users, some of whom are using it to exponentially increase their ...
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Documentation Has Entered Public Beta [closed]

The big expansion we started on so many months ago, Documentation, is finally out of private beta! Take a moment and read the blog announcement Also go and play with Documentation for a bit, read ...
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Documentation shares the work: make the rewards shared, not multiplicative [closed]

I've gotten over 350 rep points* since last week for this here Documentation edit. I think it made the example better; I'm pleased to have been able to contribute. On the other hand, rewriting a ...
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Addressing Documentation #RepGateApocalypse [closed]

With Documentation going into public beta earlier today, folks have raised a number of concerns over the reputation thresholds. I'd like to take a moment to address those in one place. We are ...
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Incorrect information in Documentation: The Solution [closed]

Note: This is a feature request from this answer, slightly modified from this comment. The Problem There is an issue right now with incorrect information being added to documentation. Why? 1 rep ...
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What, exactly, is Documentation? [closed]

I read the tour page on Documentation and it looks to me like it is meant to document errors and such things. That seems broad to me. Could anyone explain exactly what it is and how it's going to be ...
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Was there a Documentation post-mortem?

In the post on Sunsetting Documentation, it was stated: We also plan to write a retrospective on the blog and make this a topic of an upcoming Town Hall Chat. I’m planning a few posts for my ...
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Improving requested edits in Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

It'd be helpful to be able to improve suggested edits (or new submissions) to Stack Overflow Documentation. This is perhaps by design, but for formatting changes, typos, etc., it's just faster and ...
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Why are there no comment features for examples? [closed]

So I see something I feel strongly about in a Documentation example - a bad practice. My first instinct would be to add a comment to discuss this with the author. But that's not possible. No, I don'...
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Documentation should have an initial section [closed]

The new documentation feature should have an initial area to explain the topic. Take "Dependency Injection" as an example. There's "Constructor Injection", "Setter Injection", "Injection Containers", ...
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What can we do about robo-reviewing on documentation? [closed]

I found a case of robo-reviewing in documentation. A few examples: has discussion, someone rejected, he approved https://...
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Docs.SO needs a review queue [closed]

Now that the masses are allowed to make documentation changes, reviewing their pending requests is more important than ever. The number of edits jumped by several orders of magnitude across the board, ...
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Where can we discuss guidelines for Documentation on a per-tag basis? [closed]

So I took a closer look at a tag in Documentation I happen to know well, PHP. At the moment, there seems to be little of value there. :( Take pretty much any section there and look through the ...
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Chaos building in SQL-section of documentation [duplicate]

There is chaos building in the SQL-section of the documentation. People are adding samples from various (incompatible) SQL-dialects, and there is no mentioning which SQL-dialect it is. For example:...
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Documentation: Support for lack of 1:1 correspondence of SO tags to Docs.SO tags [closed]

Many times, we create tags in SO for different versions of a language/library/etc. This is fine for SO, since we use tags for categorization and finding the right audience for a question. But in Docs....
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We need to be able to flag problematic Documentation tags [closed]

Someone has just created the Documentation tag css3 (they didn't even capitalize it …) which is problematic because it should not exist. "CSS3" topics should be covered within the existing CSS ...
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The approval system isn't working for unpopular topics [closed]

I get that we want some kind of validation of edits made to "examples" but currently the less popular tags are not getting approved (or not in a timely manner). I edited some examples in sitecore to ...
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Highly-voted topic deleted and recreated [duplicate]

It seems like the Sorting Arrays topic was deleted on Monday. The topic can still be found here, which is accessed by view prior to deletion feature. Proposed Change for removing the example: ...
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Documentation freezing when editing [closed]

When editing a topic in SO documentation, my browser started freezing at more or less regular intervals: I am sure it comes from SO documentation because I do not have any browser extensions and as ...
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There should be a way to refine a deleted example for contributors [closed]

Today, when I woke and visited SO as usual, but I just found the sorting arrays example in Java have been deleted by someone. I'm really surprised for: I think it's very good example, and I think ...
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Index of Documentation update announcements [closed]

Is there a collated list of Documentation updates by developers?
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Edit button on documentation review? [duplicate]

While reviewing I see that there is something that should be improved slightly. But currently I have to approve and then go and edit. The review queue of stackoverflow is better than of documentation.
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Confusion between .NET docs and .NET-language docs [duplicate]

While trying to navigate through the C# Documentation dashboard, I came across a proposed change: Well, I absolutely agree with this comment, neither the BCL nor the FCL are C# stuff. This belongs to ...
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Split example to multiple examples retaining original author/contributors [closed]

There should be a way to split large example to multiple ones retaining all original author/contributors on such newly created examples. That would allow reorganization of topics without losing ...
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Should documentation examples' highest vote be the most generic example? If it's voted too much what should I do? [closed]

To me documentations are different from SO questions they should first address the most applicable scenario and then from there answer questions that are less common. If they answer corner cases then ...
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Skip button on Documentation review? [closed]

I got some notifications for review. I checked them and found that there is no Skip button but only Approve and Reject.
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Should there not be an option of review as `Approve and edit` in documentation [duplicate]

I reviewed some of the posts edits on documentation and I does not found Approve and edit option there. Some of the posts were edited But still need some kind of edit for Example: grammar or spell ...
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Proposal to group your related questions together in a series

I think it would be useful if we could group questions together in (a) series. For example, the Documentation Beta updates are a series of questions, but they aren't grouped as such: Documentation ...
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