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Documentation freezing when editing [closed]

When editing a topic in SO documentation, my browser started freezing at more or less regular intervals: I am sure it comes from SO documentation because I do not have any browser extensions and as ...
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Should documentation examples' highest vote be the most generic example? If it's voted too much what should I do? [closed]

To me documentations are different from SO questions they should first address the most applicable scenario and then from there answer questions that are less common. If they answer corner cases then ...
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Edit button on documentation review? [duplicate]

While reviewing I see that there is something that should be improved slightly. But currently I have to approve and then go and edit. The review queue of stackoverflow is better than of documentation.
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Skip button on Documentation review? [closed]

I got some notifications for review. I checked them and found that there is no Skip button but only Approve and Reject.
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Split example to multiple examples retaining original author/contributors [closed]

There should be a way to split large example to multiple ones retaining all original author/contributors on such newly created examples. That would allow reorganization of topics without losing ...
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