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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...
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Sunsetting Documentation

We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to ...
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Docs is broken: Writing Docs we actually need [closed]

The current system rewards writing documentation that is already covered by the official docs. Meanwhile, popular libraries without good official docs are undercontributed. The system is broken, and ...
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Documentation: The Update-en-ing [closed]

Six-to-eight weeks Several months ago we proposed an expansion to Stack Overflow: Documentation. People have been asking for an update for a while, and we’re finally ready to give one. The beta has ...
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Can Documentation go back to private beta? [closed]

There are still a lot of bugs in Documentation, many people saying how bad it is (because it actually is), edit wars on every example that gets more than 20 votes up, many people trying to get their ...
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What's Documentation for? [closed]

I've been raising this question occasionally in comments for a while now, but I thought it was worth asking it as a Meta question: just what's the point of Documentation? What niche do the development ...
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Documentation Update, February 6th [closed]

It is time for 2017's first major upgrade to Stack Overflow Documentation — a new Discussion feature plus some other improvements to menus, spam-prevention, review audits and the ever-popular ...
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How does Stack Overflow Documentation differ from official documentation? [closed]

I have gone through some posts about Stack Overflow Documentation (1, 2, 3), and I haven't found a clear, simple answer to the question: do we really need it? As I see it, there are currently (at ...
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More hierarchical structure needed for documentation topics [closed]

I originally posted this in the documentation beta, but it got no response and almost no views there. I'm not sure if it's because few people are monitoring the documentation beta or because the topic ...
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What's the focus of Documentation? [closed]

I was under the impression that Documentation was geared towards self-contained, short and pragmatic examples, since often we learn something by first trying it. However, prose seems to prevail and ...
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What is the purpose of voting on Documentation? [closed]

On the Q&A site, voting lets me distinguish between good and bad answers (also, questions). What purpose does voting have on the Documentation site? It's probably not the same purpose - the ...
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Organizing the R Docs [closed]

For the time being, we don't have tag-level discussion tools for Docs, so let's use meta. For each answer, let's store our agreed guidelines on some Topic pertaining to the R docs. To discuss and try ...
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Increase the character limit for Documentation introductions [closed]

As per the documentation update of november 29th, a "Introduction" section was added for documentation topics. Since I "abused" a pinned example to serve as an introduction, on a topic I wrote, I ...
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When should an example (or topic) about a library just be promoted to its own documentation section? [closed]

Many of the most popular tags in the newly-released Documentation part of SO are for languages. In each language there are often topics or examples for how to do common tasks in various libraries ...
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Rejected changes should not dismiss improvement requests [closed]

Documentation allows users to create "improvement requests" for topics and examples. Then, when other users submit a change set, they can indicate that their changes "handle" one or more of these "...
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