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Require tag badges for Documentation contributions [duplicate]

To follow up this question. The main reason experts don't want to contribute to documentation because at it's current state documentation is flat out crap. Not just the UX but also the content itself. ...
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How can we improve the Documentation Review Queue? [duplicate]

I recently unapproved a change to the Documentation for a tag that I have a lot of experience in. The approved edit was approved by 3 out of 4 reviewers. The only reviewer to "Reject" the edit was ...
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Documentation Update, July 25th [closed]

As part of the Documentation Beta, we’re going to be doing a series of meta posts (and blog posts in all likelihood) with what we’ve learned, and what we’re planning to change accordingly. See the ...
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Don't give me reputation points for making an edit to a Documentation topic [closed]

My reputation score is still low enough that I get excited when I see I have jumped +40 points in one day. Oddly today this happened, and I found it was because people had upvoted a topic that I had ...
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Documentation doesn't look good right now [closed]

I'm familiar with C# / .Net so I naturally tried to see what was available for those tags. Currently it just looks like a bunch of random topics: The dashboard doesn't help either. Then I tried to ...
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Addressing Documentation #RepGateApocalypse [closed]

With Documentation going into public beta earlier today, folks have raised a number of concerns over the reputation thresholds. I'd like to take a moment to address those in one place. We are ...
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What, exactly, is Documentation? [closed]

I read the tour page on Documentation and it looks to me like it is meant to document errors and such things. That seems broad to me. Could anyone explain exactly what it is and how it's going to be ...
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Limit the Docs review votes for lower rep users [closed]

So if you look at the Docs review history you'll see lots of the following I'm not judging the reviewer or his reviews (his block was on one page). I only offer it as an example, since there are ...
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Should 1 rep users be allowed to write documentation? [closed]

Since Documetation is still in baking process, should 1 rep users really be allowed to participate? Posting on Meta requires 5 rep, creating Wiki posts requires 10 rep. I am not against users ...
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What's the focus of Documentation? [closed]

I was under the impression that Documentation was geared towards self-contained, short and pragmatic examples, since often we learn something by first trying it. However, prose seems to prevail and ...
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Incorrect information in Documentation: The Solution [closed]

Note: This is a feature request from this answer, slightly modified from this comment. The Problem There is an issue right now with incorrect information being added to documentation. Why? 1 rep ...
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Is it way, way too easy to contribute to "Documentation" [closed]

For some reason I thought I'd spend a few hours helping on the "coroutines" section of "Unity" in Documentation. Fair enough. Almost everything there was complete crap. (In computing, Unity is the ...
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Qualify participants by standards/examples test not rep [closed]

The Q&A review process tests reviewers occasionally and implements temporary review bans when applicable. Why is there nothing similar in Documentation? Anyone can enter or review whatever they ...
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Another suggestion for doc editing: weighted approval votes [closed]

A couple motivating principles: Editing and reviewing should be open to everyone. The higher a user's tag score, the smoother their process for contributing to docs. Proposal Folks vote to approve ...
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