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Minimum tag score for adding documentation [closed]

Since the documentation has launched, I have noticed that there are many entries are being written by users with low or no tag score. For example, the C++ preprocessor section, some of the posts were ...
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Naming the Documentation Feature [closed]

In "Warlords of Documentation: Your Quest(ions Answered)", Kevin Montrose mentioned: Is Documentation the right name? This is a tricky one, as there seems to be a fair amount of variance in ...
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Can Documentation go back to private beta? [closed]

There are still a lot of bugs in Documentation, many people saying how bad it is (because it actually is), edit wars on every example that gets more than 20 votes up, many people trying to get their ...
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Rename "Documentation" to "Examples" [closed]

Let's rename Documentation to Examples, as suggested by @Jeff Atwood (one of the founders of Stack Overflow) here and here. The term "Documentation" is the root cause of many of the evils we ...
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What, exactly, is Documentation? [closed]

I read the tour page on Documentation and it looks to me like it is meant to document errors and such things. That seems broad to me. Could anyone explain exactly what it is and how it's going to be ...
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The forms and quality of Documentation Topics [closed]

Much has been said about what "topic" means on Docs.SO. The Powers That Be seem to feel that it is best for users to decide what "topic" means. Now that we're 3 weeks in, I thought it would be good to ...
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A better Documentation model: Task, not Topic [closed]

The current documentation model is focused on a set of arbitrarily defined topics, within which are examples. I believe that this model has led to widespread confusion about what Docs.SO is for, and ...
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Require tag badges for Documentation contributions [duplicate]

To follow up this question. The main reason experts don't want to contribute to documentation because at it's current state documentation is flat out crap. Not just the UX but also the content itself. ...
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MATLAB documentation: what's the purpose? [closed]

I'll be short and clear - MATLAB already has a great(!) documentation. I have learned almost everything I know in it directly from the official documentation, and they are exhaustive, clear, give good ...
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Documentation by example: Example of good documentation [closed]

The apparent foundation of Docs.SO is the belief that examples are more important than text. That seeing an example communicates better than words. There appears to be a general misunderstanding ...
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Are styleguides proper topics for Documentation? [closed]

I've stumbled upon the following request which suggests to include a style guide as part of the HTML documentation. I can see the purpose of a style guide within a documentation, however these are ...
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Trying to understand Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

Someone will probably point me to a readme/blogpost, but I don't really understand Stack Overflow documentation. Maybe it should be renamed Stack Overflow Examples? Documentation usually ...
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