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Burninate 73 AngularJS directive tags

There have been questions about the merits of specialized tags (Burninate specific event tags) and the redundancy of some tags related to AngularJS (
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Everyone can contribute to documentation but I "cannot commit to this proposal" [closed]

I'm part of the team developing the JSON Schema specification. I was going to suggest to some of the team that we document some aspects of the specification on the Stack Overflow documentation ...
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Let's organize the SQL documentation [closed]

Documentation has been in public beta for about a week, and some users have pointed out a few issues with the SQL docs, so before things get too unwieldy let's address some of the issues. I mentioned ...
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We need to be able to flag problematic Documentation tags [closed]

Someone has just created the Documentation tag css3 (they didn't even capitalize it …) which is problematic because it should not exist. "CSS3" topics should be covered within the existing CSS ...
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Suggest deletion of redundant tags in Documentation [closed]

In Documentation, some tags might be redundant with others. For example, for Python language we have: Python Language: Python 2.7: https://...
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Documentation Alias Request [closed]

As per bluefeet's answer in this question: If you have tags that need to be aliased, then create a Meta post asking for it. Can we alias the following to vba please: excel-vba access-vba word-vba ...
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What about merging antlr and antlr4 documentation tags? [closed]

As a member of the documentation private beta I was there long enough to understand well (or at least I thought so) the concepts of documentation. There have been a lot of discussions / debates on ...
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Remove ecmascript-6 tag from Documentation [closed]

There is an ecmascript-6 tag in Documentation. I think it should be deleted, because ECMAScript 6 is already covered in JavaScript language.
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The WEB APIs documentation tag [closed]

Once this feature request reach status-completed, we should alias the following SO tags—out the top of my head—to an all-encompassing general-purpose WEB APIs documentation tag: xmlhttprequest w3c-...
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Should documentations like 'android' and 'android-gradle' be merged together? [closed]

The issue We currently have android documentation and android-gradle documentation as separate documentations. Both document android-gradle to some extent. What is the Stackoverflow guidelines for ...
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Make [java-8] tag an alias of [java] in the Documentation [closed]

We did see this coming, and it happened: documentation for java-8 tag was created. Currently it contains only one topic with one (downvoted) example and lots of improvement (deletion) votes. Since we ...
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We don't need a C++11 documentation tag [closed]

This is a thing that exists now. It probably shouldn't; the existing C++ documentation covers it just fine. And while you're at it, go ahead and stop C++14, which is 2/5ths committed. Here's a more ...
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Should the java-8 tag exist at all in documentation? [duplicate]

I found the java-8 tag and figured its purpose was to cover features introduced in Java 8, so added a new topic "Lambda expressions" and an introductory example. This has been flagged as a ...
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