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Edit button on documentation review? [duplicate]

While reviewing I see that there is something that should be improved slightly. But currently I have to approve and then go and edit. The review queue of stackoverflow is better than of documentation.
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Improve Proposed Changes [duplicate]

When reviewing proposed changes I can either Approve or Reject. But most of the time I would like to Improve. Many changes are fine with a few tweaks but I do not want to Approve most of them just ...
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Should there not be an option of review as `Approve and edit` in documentation [duplicate]

I reviewed some of the posts edits on documentation and I does not found Approve and edit option there. Some of the posts were edited But still need some kind of edit for Example: grammar or spell ...
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Documentation should allow changes directly under review of a new topic [duplicate]

Right now resubmitting the topic, which is requires, strips all the useful comments made. As an example, a GitHub pull requests updates dynamically, reflecting that some comments become addressed. ...
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Documentation Update, July 25th [closed]

As part of the Documentation Beta, we’re going to be doing a series of meta posts (and blog posts in all likelihood) with what we’ve learned, and what we’re planning to change accordingly. See the ...
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Approve or reject specific examples only [closed]

When reviewing changes to multiple examples in a single topic (by a single author), how can I approve selected examples and reject others? EDIT I want to approve edit to one example and reject ...
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Documentation addition rejected yet added by user that rejected it [closed]

I just want to understand the scope of documentation requests/approvals/etc. I suggested the creation of "References (Draft)" in PHP Language and had it rejected - understandably due to a few things ...
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Incorrect usage of English in Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

I've been browsing the Stack Overflow Documentation beta and found several points where people are submitting change requests, but English doesn't appear to be their strong point (Due to not being ...
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What do I do when a documentation edit is helpful, but introduces minor formatting or grammatical issues which are easily corrected? [closed]

Now that documentation is in open beta, the flood of new edits has given me the opportunity to review many more changes than I had in the past. One situation I've noticed coming up a lot is that an ...
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Documentation - Better Way to Point out Grammar/Typos [closed]

Right now, comments are our best way of pointing out minor problems with proposed changes, but it could be very difficult to pinpoint an instance of grammatical or spelling issues. For large proposed ...
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