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When is Documentation coming out of private beta? [duplicate]

When will Documentation be ready for us to see, use, and edit? I tried signing up for the private beta a few days ago at the link here, but I never got anything in my email or on my Stack Overflow ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...
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Documentation Update, July 25th [closed]

As part of the Documentation Beta, we’re going to be doing a series of meta posts (and blog posts in all likelihood) with what we’ve learned, and what we’re planning to change accordingly. See the ...
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Don't give me reputation points for making an edit to a Documentation topic [closed]

My reputation score is still low enough that I get excited when I see I have jumped +40 points in one day. Oddly today this happened, and I found it was because people had upvoted a topic that I had ...
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Addressing Documentation #RepGateApocalypse [closed]

With Documentation going into public beta earlier today, folks have raised a number of concerns over the reputation thresholds. I'd like to take a moment to address those in one place. We are ...
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10 reputation for topic editing is too high [duplicate]

On Q & A Stack Overflow, Suggested Edits are a prime source of rep farming; a simple or trivial edit that requires little knowledge of the question content earns users under 2k reputation two rep ...
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Remove "If Q&A is chocolate, Documentation is peanut butter." in the documentation tour [closed]

I don't see how this analogy helps the user to understand what differentiates the Q&A from the documentation. I don't even get the analogy (maybe a cultural thing). SO is not a place for this ...
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Documenting the problems with documentation [closed]

Documentation has finally reached public beta, and it looks quite good, but (there's always a but) there are some things wrong with it. Duplicated content We have quite a few canonical (general) ...
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What, exactly, is Documentation? [closed]

I read the tour page on Documentation and it looks to me like it is meant to document errors and such things. That seems broad to me. Could anyone explain exactly what it is and how it's going to be ...
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Should rep gains be turned off for Documentation's seeding period? [closed]

Given worries about inflationary rep gain and about low-quality content being posted, would it not be wise to turn off any rep gain from Documentation activity until things have settled? This would ...
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Self upvoting documentation posts (examples) [closed]

I created an example on Stack Overflow documentation. And then I was able to self upvote this example. Is that ok?
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Documentation treats edits as linear, like Q&A, but they are not [closed]

Documentation assumes the same edit model as Q&A, where only one edit can occur at a time, and other editors must wait until an edit is complete to perform another one. However, the actual model ...
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Index of Documentation update announcements [closed]

Is there a collated list of Documentation updates by developers?
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Reorganizing documentation sections regarding Apple technologies [closed]

Right now, we've got these sections: Objective-C Swift iOS Cocoa (meaning: macOS) The problem is that there's a lot of overlap. For example, in Objective-C, someone requested a topic about Grand ...
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Is there a reputation gain for contributing in Documentation? [closed]

It is currently being discussed in the chat that there is some reputation (to be awarded on the main site) for contribution in the Documentation. Is this the case? Why SO?
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