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Can these questions with changed tags be returned to their original tagging?

Is there a way for a moderator track down changed tags and restore them? Why I ask... I’m trying to get my gold html5-canvas tag badge and in March I noticed that my score in that tag unexpectedly ...
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What is the meta effect?

I was reading some discussions on here, and came across the term "meta effect". Can anyone explain what is meant by this? and what is the purpose?
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Question ban without any reason (after long awaited ban lift...)

I got banned from asking questions once in 2015. I will assume it was fair. Since then, I've only contributed positively, my answers have been well received, and the ban was finally lifted. Until I ...
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Why are questions with so many downvotes not deleted?

I've recently seen some heavily down-voted questions on the Stack Overflow network and I was wondering why none of these have been deleted or closed by moderators. These questions have no need to be ...
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Why can't we be more aggressive on low-quality posts?

(I'm making an effort to keep the number of links down here to keep any meta effect to a minimum.) This site is going downhill in terms of post quality. I don't think that is up for debate. My ...
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What is the best way to deal with a temporal event which gets a lot of attention?

I'm thinking that I have this down pat, but just in case... Right now (behold, another temporal event), Bitbucket is having a bit of maintenance. Someone asked a question to figure out why their ...
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Duplicate question by same user & same answerer... a year later

Just stumbled upon this and found it a bit bizarre. First someone asked this: Then a moment after it was closed a "...
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Do posts with "undelete" votes go into any review queue?

Related questions include Should potentially useful self-deleted questions be undeleted? and its duplicate, Should I undelete a question with answers that was deleted by the original OP? I recently ...
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How does a question get so many upvotes so quickly?

This question had 3 upvotes within seconds even though it is too broad. How does that happen? It almost looks like a bot asked and upvoted.
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Constructive way to advise poster on their approach

This is related but I think not identical to: Is it appropriate to caution a poster about their tone? I (and another user) have been engaged with a new poster whose question was phrased as "why is R ...
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Is it "greedy" to ask newbies to not forget an upvote if they find the answer useful?

You know that it happens quite often that you give a really good and helpful answer, but you never get an upvote or a "correct" mark, or no answer at all. Especially with newbies who don't know the ...
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Please undelete this highly-upvoted PHP question [closed]

Please look at PHP tutorial that is security-, accuracy- and maintainability-conscious?. The question has a lot of info for everyone and that is helpful. The question itself looks to me like a ...
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My question is downvoted but the self-answer is upvoted; should I delete the question?

I have posted a question. I have tried my best to explain what I need that is not available out of the box, and that I need to implement something new. But I received a series of downvotes, and then ...
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What practical and reasonable options does the community have in order to avoid (if desired) the so called 'meta effect'?

I recently searched here on meta for possibilities to avoid the meta effect and couldn't find any articles that would address/contain reasonable proposals. So here's, or rather are my question(s): ...
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What to do when user deletes question before you can post answer

Basically I was looking at this question (deleted now) which needed a solution to group up a json result set. I had just worked out the answer and was about to post it when i got the infamous: Page ...
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