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Help askers find duplicates before the question becomes public

There are many proposals for changing the rep incentives associated with closing vs answering duplicates. But they either (1) can be gamed, or (2) penalize users who put work into answers on ...
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Good question templates

Many new users come to Stack Overflow and ask questions before they know the requirements of the site. This creates many duplicate, off-topic, and unanswerable questions. Some people don't care, but ...
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About Beginner Questions [closed]

Firstly I should say that I (mostly) understand Stack Overflow's Q&A format. I have recently started answering questions more often and throughout the day I see many questions that are just asked ...
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Can first posts be reviewed before being becoming visible on the site?

I cannot see an exact proposal as this, though there are similar. Before voting to close or downvoting, please read through this and the similar question carefully, as they are different enough to be ...
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Rephrase items on the Tour page

I think there are a few mistakes (or at least places for improvement) on the Tour page. For example: This site is all about getting answers. It's not a discussion forum. There's no chit-chat. Hmm.....
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Will the ask question wizard be on all Stack Exchange websites?

I was on and went to ask a question and noticed that the wizard was not present. Do features roll out on Stack Overflow and if the features work they go to all ...
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Could tools be helpful to simplify Stack Overflow question asking?

I am a new enthusiastic user of Stack Overflow. During these months, thanks also the suggestions of other users, I have learned how to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. It usually ...
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Make how-to-ask more prominent

The "How do I ask a good question?" page (or "The absolute minimum every software developer should know about asking others for help (no excuses!)") is pretty well hidden. When not currently asking ...
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How to improve frequently asked questions

Stack Overflow questions After spending some time on the Stack Overflow community I came across a lot of bad, low content, duplicate and too broad questions. These questions always got the worst of ...
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What should a new user do instead of posting "I have the same problem" [duplicate]

Having recently gained access to the Low Quality Posts review queue, I'm seeing a lot of answers with Did you find a solution yet? I'm having the same problem I obviously recommend deletion on them, ...
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Done with SO and Meta (Lurkness Mode)

First I want to say I have faith in SE in general. I think the work you guys have accomplished is great. I also have a certain liking to the jobs / careers portion of SO in general. I have been ...
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How to ask - Too much content for people to read

"How to ask" text box helper can be seen, when user try to ask a new question. Still SO gets low quality questions. That's because a new user doesn't try to read a big chunk of helping information ...
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Answerable Question Metrics

Problem Browsing the list of unanswered JasperReports questions reveals a trend: most people don't provide enough information to answer their question, which results in their problem being ignored, ...
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What about detecting "minimal reproducible example"?

I have been answering questions on SO since July. What I see is that new questions are mostly newcomers'. Most of these newcomers don't know what a minimal reproducible example is and so the ...
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What to do if a questioner doesn't provide feedback for his question? [duplicate]

I tried to find the answer in the help center and could not find the answer I was seeking, but I think this question is an important one. Let's suppose a user ask a question, by example this one, a ...
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