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Why can't I flag this answer as VLQ despite it having no upvotes? [duplicate]

My question is related to this one. In that case, the accepted answer states that an answer couldn't be flagged as VLQ because the answer was upvoted; however, in this case, the answer has a negative ...
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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Note, there is a similar request on MSE which is 2 years old. Note also that the observations made here can be put in perspective of the comment flag change which is going to encapsulate lots of ...
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What to do with a link only answer that was correct, but now links to malicious site

I've found an unusual case. This post has an answer, marked as correct with 21 upvotes. The user has a good rep and checks out as a good SO user. When I click on the link, I get a malicious content ...
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Photo of sourcecode as an answer

I just stumbled upon this answer which is a series of photos (yes, photos - not even screenshots). If it was a question I would without a second thought vote to close it, but in this case it is an ...
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There should be at least 15 or 14 items for the Asian dynasty and 25 or more items for war chiefs

There should be at least 15 or 14 items for the Asian dynasty and 25 or more items for war chiefs ...or how to deal with obviously auto-translated content. How do I deal with non-English content? says ...
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Where is Low Quality flag?

I wanted flag some post for its low quality (here is a link). That post is too old (2016), but it contains only error text that is unuseful for most people. But there is no Low Quality flag to be used!...
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Fixing the disconnect between VLQ and Triage

tl;dr; When flagging questions as VLQ, we're inadvertently sending too much noise to the moderators to handle. Over the past year, the reviewers here on Stack Overflow have shown themselves able to ...
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Why is the "very low quality" flag unavailable here?

I found the following post on the Stack Overflow: I think the answer quality is very low, because the post provides only links to off-site resources without essential parts of the answer. Moreover, ...
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Declined flags on removed old VLQ answers [duplicate]

I've raised a few custom flags on link only answers from Customizing the TreeView to allow multi select. One of them was on the highly upvoted answer. The post was edited by Cody Gray and the flag was ...
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Why do I get different flag options for different questions?

For some questions, I get the following 3 flagging options: For some other, I get more: In either case, I won't get all the options in the help page. Why is it different from question to question? ...
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How to report low quality answers that are not only link only but DEAD link only?

What is the correct way to report this answer is useless garbage now to get it into a queue to be deleted? There is no available "low quality" choice anymore? And it will get declined, rightly so as ...
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