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The scroll bar on the code snippet makes the code unreadable [duplicate]

If there is just a single line of code then hovering over it brings the horizontal scroll bar up which makes the code snippet hard to read. The following is an example of as such
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Horizontal scroll overlaps code block in Chrome [duplicate]

This answer has a single row code block that is completely obscured by a horizontal scroll bar. EDIT: After signing in (and reloading the page), this returned to its normal (correct?) behaviour. It ...
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Single-line code blocks are unreadable, blocked by horizontal scroll bar [duplicate]

For example, in Chrome, on code blocks that are a single line, the scroll bar will not go away after it has appeared, and it looks like the following: And here's an actual example (bug reproduced in ...
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Horizontal scrollbar not visible in Chrome with one line code blocks [duplicate]

Apparently, in Chrome, one line code blocks do not show the horizontal scrollbar, making it impossible to read the full code snippet. The only way to read the full block is to get focus on the div and ...
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How can we see text under a scrollbar in the Stack Overflow code section? [duplicate]

How we can see text under a scrollbar in the Stack Overflow code section? Please see the following screenshot.
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Can't read one-line block of code because of horizontal bar [duplicate]

I've had this problem too many times now: I can't read the code because the scrollbar is in front of it so I have to copy and paste elsewhere (which is also a bit annoying given the selectable area ...
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Add padding to the code display block for Chrome on Mac [duplicate]

I get a horizontal scrollbar in Chrome 71 on Mac when the code exceeds the box and is on a singe line (or even 2 or more lines). While this is the expected behaviour, what is not is that the scrollbar ...
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Code display includes horizontal scroll bar which hides part of the answer when text scrolls off to the right [duplicate]

Description of problem When mousing over the last line (or perhaps footer?) of a code block in a question or answer, a horizontal scrollbar will appear which hides the last line of code. This ...
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When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...
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Has the padding on code blocks been increased?

Before After This isn't my eyes playing tricks on me, is it? I'm curious to know if the code block style has actually been changed, and if yes, why?
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Scroll bar overlaps the flag prompt

Steps to reproduce: Goto a question which has code blocks (which is rare nowadays) and is long enough for a scroll bar Open the flag prompt and drag that prompt to the scrollbar, the code block has ...
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