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Where do Developers Learn, Share & ​Build Their Career?

Recently, the title of the main front page has changed to include the phrase, Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers Does this change to the page title serve any purpose that goes beyond ...
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Order Stack Overflow answers by votes, including the accepted answer [duplicate]

What is the best way to move the most voted answer to the top of the answers and make the marked one be sorted as well?
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Is it worth answering an old question that already has 20+ answers?

I have an answer to an old question which has 20+ established answers already. I feel my answer might be better than most of the existing answers, but I'm concerned that the existing answers will get ...
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My no score, no answer question, I can no longer verify future answers to [duplicate]

I have a question with no answers (or score), for a problem I no longer have, on a system I no longer have access to. So I can never verify the answers. How would I check how busy the HDD is with PHP?...
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Should I accept an answer that is probably right?

I asked a question a few years ago. I did a factory reset and my issue was gone, not solved. The question has become more popular and I now see there is a popular answer. I would like to think that ...
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Is there a way that very low quality answers do not stay on top of decent answers? [duplicate]

Recently, I have stumbled across this answer which is in a very weird situation: it is accepted and its vote score is -20. This is very low for an answer on the actual SO site (as opposed to meta ...
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An accepted answer has a very low score, an other answer is far better and has more score but is not accepted [duplicate]

Python: Find a substring in a string and returning the index of the substring Especially at this post, the accepted answer has only a score of "2" while a far better answer has a score of 62, which ...
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Why is the accepted answer on top? [duplicate]

I have a somewhat similar question to this one. Except that I frequently stumble upon questions with "answers" that are not the best or even bad. (Take a look at this for one.) My suggestion is to ...
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Improve UX by adding alert another answer may be more useful [duplicate]

If there is clearly another answer that is better (more up votes by X%) than the accepted answer, then an alert should be displayed linking the user to the answer with said up votes.
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Should language-specific gold badge users be allowed to alter correct answer marking? [duplicate]

Recently the following question was bumped and it brought to my attention the fact that there are quite a few old questions now whose "correct answers" are no longer correct or perhaps just not ...
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Can we improve Google's search snippet selection? [duplicate]

While we debate whether acceptance or vote count ought to drive answer ordering, Google ignores both signals and chooses an unaccepted, negatively voted answer for its search snippet: Can we ...
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Replace the concept of accepted answers with that of solved questions

Quoting from a comment... The site was explicitly, and very vocally, created specifically with the point of benefiting future readers, and explicitly not there just to benefit the one person asking....
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Don't allow Question X to be closed as duplicate of Y when Y is already closed as duplicate of X

So this just happened with this question on meta. It is closed as a duplicate of a question that is closed as a duplicate of it. That means that a user looking at this will always see the "Your answer ...
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How is my meta question from a year ago a duplicate of something asked two days ago? [duplicate]

So maybe I just don't understand how duplicates work. I had a meta question which I asked a year ago. It was recently marked as a duplicate of this question, which was asked 2 days ago. I'm not ...
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Status of "Vote to change accepted answer" or user preference on how answers are sorted [duplicate]

First of all - I know this has been asked many times, like: Deemphasise the accept mark if there's an answer the community strongly prefers? Can a non-asker of a question change the accepted ...
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