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Wouldn't it make sense to have quick links directly below the thread starter's question, if there are accepted answers?

is there a way to get a direct link to an accepted answer? I've seen this in a few other forums, and it seems logical to me. The total discussion is of course very relevant also, just different modes ...
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When the answer with the most upvotes is not the accepted answer tell us at the outset and make it easy to get to each!

Often for many reasons the answer accepted by the OP is not the answer with the most upvotes. For many reasons it still might be the best answer, but it often isn't. Currently the accepted answer is ...
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Replace the concept of accepted answers with that of solved questions

Quoting from a comment... The site was explicitly, and very vocally, created specifically with the point of benefiting future readers, and explicitly not there just to benefit the one person asking....
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Can we improve Google's search snippet selection? [duplicate]

While we debate whether acceptance or vote count ought to drive answer ordering, Google ignores both signals and chooses an unaccepted, negatively voted answer for its search snippet: Can we ...
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Notifications when an answer other than the one accepted got more votes

For the person who asks the question I understand it can be complicated when a question is very active since this can change often, but in terms of the UX that should not be a problem (e.g. it could ...
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How to deal with obsolete and wrong answer without editing / flagging?

I have come across an answer (the accepted one) that was rendered wrong and obsolete by a change of Wikimedia content usage. I tried to deal with this answer in various ways, but unfortunately all of ...
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Improve UX by adding alert another answer may be more useful [duplicate]

If there is clearly another answer that is better (more up votes by X%) than the accepted answer, then an alert should be displayed linking the user to the answer with said up votes.
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