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Show warning if accepted answer is heavily outvoted by subsequent answers [closed]

The feature request "Please unpin the accepted answer from the top" has a lot of upvotes, but is status-declined. Nevertheless, the problem of bad, wrong, or outdated accepted answers being ...
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Lots of users don't accept any answers

There are a lot of posts on Meta revolving around how to point a newbie to accept their own answer. However, the main problem is, that many users don't care to accept an answer at all. If, for ...
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Where do Developers Learn, Share & ​Build Their Career?

Recently, the title of the main front page has changed to include the phrase, Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers Does this change to the page title serve any purpose that goes beyond ...
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Subpar accepted answer, OP no longer around to unaccept

Scenario: A question is asked where various different solutions could be classed as correct, and the OP accepts the one that they found useful at the time. Months later, a different solution is ...
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Answer is incorrect, what to do?

A fairly simple question was asked and someone answers the question with syntax errors and invalid code. Either this is OPs second account or he is equally clueless because this answer got accepted....
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Is the concept of "accepted answer" no longer needed? [duplicate]

Why do we do this? We are a community site. There are lots of answers and they get voted by the community as to what is better or not in response to the question. But we give special credence to ...
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What should be done, when a question has implications, which lead to a correct, but misleading answer?

General problem Questions can implicate the usage of a tool, which is capable to solve the given problem, however far from adequate for it, because the solution will be too obscure, unstable or ...
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Should language-specific gold badge users be allowed to alter correct answer marking? [duplicate]

Recently the following question was bumped and it brought to my attention the fact that there are quite a few old questions now whose "correct answers" are no longer correct or perhaps just not ...
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An accepted answer has a very low score, an other answer is far better and has more score but is not accepted [duplicate]

Python: Find a substring in a string and returning the index of the substring Especially at this post, the accepted answer has only a score of "2" while a far better answer has a score of 62, which ...
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If answers have the same vote-count, accepted should appear higher in user-profile

When I go to check my answers (ranked from highest vote-count to lowest), mostly everything is in order. Why not all? Well you see, accepted answers with say (3) votes can be ranked lower than a non-...
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Answers ordering when score are equal

There are currently 3 options for the answer ordering: "Active", "Oldest" and "Votes" (where "by score" is the default). The one exception is Accepted answer - which is pin to be first (if this right ...
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Highest upvoted answer is after accepted answer

In the following Question, I don't understand the answers Order : Handle file download from ajax post As said in this meta answer :, the most upvoted ...
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How do we find out the reason for [status-declined], and petition to reconsider?

I notice that this old feature request is tagged as [status-declined]. There is, AFAICT, no comment anywhere from anyone who could be involved in making the decision, explaining why the request was ...
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Degrading votes

I've come across many old questions with an accepted answer that has since become obsolete since its acceptance. What ends up happening is it becomes answer posters responsibility to maintain and ...
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When tied for votes, show accepted answer at top [duplicate]

Accepted answers are no longer at the top, but should be when tied. At time of writing, that doesn't seem to be the case (1). Please favor accepted answer in a tie.
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