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Answer is incorrect, what to do?

A fairly simple question was asked and someone answers the question with syntax errors and invalid code. Either this is OPs second account or he is equally clueless because this answer got accepted....
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Highest upvoted answer is after accepted answer

In the following Question, I don't understand the answers Order : Handle file download from ajax post As said in this meta answer :, the most upvoted ...
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Is the concept of "accepted answer" no longer needed? [duplicate]

Why do we do this? We are a community site. There are lots of answers and they get voted by the community as to what is better or not in response to the question. But we give special credence to ...
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Please remove status-declined from "Please unpin the accepted answer from the top" or post an official answer [duplicate]

I read this: Please unpin the accepted answer from the top which has great community support but Jan 19 at 3:20 2017 it was status-declined by Shog9 so I start to search for the reason why, reading ...
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Order Stack Overflow answers by votes, including the accepted answer [duplicate]

What is the best way to move the most voted answer to the top of the answers and make the marked one be sorted as well?
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Is it worth answering an old question that already has 20+ answers?

I have an answer to an old question which has 20+ established answers already. I feel my answer might be better than most of the existing answers, but I'm concerned that the existing answers will get ...
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My no score, no answer question, I can no longer verify future answers to [duplicate]

I have a question with no answers (or score), for a problem I no longer have, on a system I no longer have access to. So I can never verify the answers. How would I check how busy the HDD is with PHP?...
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Should I accept an answer that is probably right?

I asked a question a few years ago. I did a factory reset and my issue was gone, not solved. The question has become more popular and I now see there is a popular answer. I would like to think that ...
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Is there a way that very low quality answers do not stay on top of decent answers? [duplicate]

Recently, I have stumbled across this answer which is in a very weird situation: it is accepted and its vote score is -20. This is very low for an answer on the actual SO site (as opposed to meta ...
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An accepted answer has a very low score, an other answer is far better and has more score but is not accepted [duplicate]

Python: Find a substring in a string and returning the index of the substring Especially at this post, the accepted answer has only a score of "2" while a far better answer has a score of 62, which ...
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Status of "Vote to change accepted answer" or user preference on how answers are sorted [duplicate]

First of all - I know this has been asked many times, like: Deemphasise the accept mark if there's an answer the community strongly prefers? Can a non-asker of a question change the accepted ...
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Why is the accepted answer on top? [duplicate]

I have a somewhat similar question to this one. Except that I frequently stumble upon questions with "answers" that are not the best or even bad. (Take a look at this for one.) My suggestion is to ...
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Improve UX by adding alert another answer may be more useful [duplicate]

If there is clearly another answer that is better (more up votes by X%) than the accepted answer, then an alert should be displayed linking the user to the answer with said up votes.
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Don't allow Question X to be closed as duplicate of Y when Y is already closed as duplicate of X

So this just happened with this question on meta. It is closed as a duplicate of a question that is closed as a duplicate of it. That means that a user looking at this will always see the "Your answer ...
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Should language-specific gold badge users be allowed to alter correct answer marking? [duplicate]

Recently the following question was bumped and it brought to my attention the fact that there are quite a few old questions now whose "correct answers" are no longer correct or perhaps just not ...

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