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Should / Let's close old Recommendation questions?

Stack Overflow doesn't provide product or service recommendations Requests for book recommendations, suggestions for tools, and product comparisons tend to attract poor-quality answers. We cannot ...
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Why are questions with silly errors well answered? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is always known for quality questions. But you see there are many questions where there is a minor mistake or typo. Take an example of this, *
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This is why not answering duplicates is more helpful than spoon feeding!

This is the desired outcome of marking things as duplicates.1 This feature request needs to be reconsidered, because there are extremely few questions that have not been asked at this point, ...
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Remove answer upvotes on questions which are promptly closed as unclear

Background There are many questions about answers to off-topic questions. "Should I downvote an answer only on its quality?", which has a slightly misleading title, addresses the issue of downvoting ...
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Can we separate the addictive from the fun part in SO? [closed]

I read an interesting article today about how social media are designed to be addictive. Although I was aware of the general point before, it did make me think about addictive elements in ...
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How does a directly quoted answer get so many upvotes?

This answer, is a direct quote (and says so) of another highly upvoted answer. Shouldn't the reference at least been in a comment and at most duped as it ...
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What to do about the flood of low-quality (homework) questions on Stack Overflow?

Disclaimer This is my first question here. I've done quite a bit of research (~2.5hrs of googling and searching the other questions here), but if I've missed anything, I'd be thankful for feedback. I ...
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At some point of time, helping people became more important than helping create a library of practical programming answers

At some point of time, we lost the light and helping people became more important than helping create a library of practical programing answers This was the most up-voted comment on the top ...
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