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Is it subjective to ask about why something wasn't implemented in the language? [duplicate]

I asked a question on StackOverflow which I admit is quite subjective. I'm asking why a particular property was never implemented in Delphi's VCL. I was just wondering how proper of a question this is ...
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Should "why language feature designed particular way" be closed/moved? [duplicate]

Is there good place for questions like "why in language XXX feature YYYY was designed in particular way (maybe 10-20 years ago)" or similar questions on historical design decisions. My feeling is ...
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Is a question that can only be answered correctly by a small group of people a bad question? [duplicate]

Recently I asked this question on SO and it was quickly closed for being opinion based. One of the commenters mentioned that it could "only be accurately answered by the designers" of the language. ...
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My question about "why javax.sql was not re-designed" was closed with no feedback [duplicate]

My question has recently been closed due to breaking the community guidelines. Question: Unused interfaces in javax.sql Nobody explained to me how the question was in violation with the site's ...
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When are questions related to existing design decisions "primarily opinion-based"? [duplicate]

In the recent past, I have asked a few questions relating to language/standard library design - Why is C++'s void type only half-heartedly a unit type? Why does Rust have a "Never" ...
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Why was my question put on hold as "too broad"? [duplicate]

Look at my question. Can anyone explain to me, why was it put on hold? Why is it too broad? I've asked this question in the comments, but none of the people who put it on hold answered. Why is a ...
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Could I have better asked about a language's lack of an important feature? [duplicate]

I asked a question about immutability that was closed as "opinion-based". I respect the closers' judgement, but I don't completely agree. I'd like to know what I'm missing and how I could have asked ...
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Opinion-based question receives factual answers (through comments) [duplicate]

I was wondering if there was a known reason for a specific .NET class to reside in a language-specific assembly: Can TextFieldParser and other types from the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly be safely ...
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I disagree that my question about the deprecation of Linux time APIs is "opinion-based" [duplicate]

This question asks reasons of why some Linux APIs are deprecated. An API that became obsolete is a fact, and deprecating an API needs reasons, not personal opinions. At first I thought it was due to ...
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Determining reasoning behind syntax decisions in programming languages [duplicate]

I would like to know where to discuss the reasons behind they way things are structured in a programming language, even though my implementation works. As an example, I would like to ask the following ...
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Is question on language design choice an opinion-based question? [duplicate]

I had a review audit for First Posts for this question, Why does the main function in Haskell not have any parameters? When I looked at the question being asked it looked like less of debug and more ...
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Questions about Dennis Ritchies's opinion [duplicate]

I'm wondering about correct boundary between historical questions and primarily opinion-based ones. Here's an example: What was the original reason for [blah], which quite clearly asks for the ...
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Are questions about design decisions made by third parties on topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Recently, I've observed a number of questions where it could be argued that the topic being asked about is not really a programming question but rather an inquiry into why a programming language or ...
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Would it be off topic asking on Stack Overflow why an R-package developer did something? [duplicate]

Some years ago at university I frequently used the R-Package Propagate V 1.0-4 from Andrej-Nikolai Spiess. Today I needed it again at work, but after installing the package I noticed that the ...
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Why are questions related to standard-setting process closed as opinion-based? [duplicate]

Sometimes I ask questions related to the standard-setting process. E.g: StackOverflow: What's the current status of JS/ES proposals on date literals? Programmers: Why was Array.contains renamed to ...
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