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A car with square wheels

If a question is posed How do I fit this square here on this here car so that it gives a smooth ride? and it comes with all the requisites to be a valid SO question (description, code, error ...
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If a question makes an erroneous assumption, should we close it or attempt to answer by solving the assumption? [duplicate]

A (now deleted) question was asked a few minutes ago. The question (as I read it) seems to be "I don't understand how language feature X produces effect E, can someone explain?". The problem is that ...
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Should one delete a question if it considers things that are proven wrong? [duplicate]

I recently posted this question on SO, and while at the time, I thought the mkdir command didn't work, later, I realized that was not the issue, and the problem was caused by something else in my ...
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Why did this performance question warrant not only closure but deletion, too?

Background When I initially encountered How can I efficiently remove elements by index from a very large list? it was titled "Remove int elements from a very large list in C#", had two close ...
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Is closing XY problem trollish? [closed]

The meta question: Should I flag questions w/ XY problem? suggest that we do not flag XY problem. Would flagging a question like this with XY problem:
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Why is this a good question?

I came across this question in a review queue and I voted to close it as too broad... Failed audit. How does this compile? Now, the question is +18 / -2 without me, so I get why it was included as a ...
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How to deal with XY problem that ends up with an accepted answer that is a bad practice? [duplicate]

I've looked at some of the information on meta about XY problems and dealing with them. Just now I was on some comment threads regarding the question here Create factory pattern. Ultimately an ...
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Should a well asked question be closed if it won't be useful to future readers?

I came upon this question in which the OP wants to change their implementation of a task. Just started with Lambda in c# and I got stumbled by this.How can I convert following code block to ...
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A well defined question, but maybe the wrong one

Sometimes there is a well defined question; there's a good answer to it, everyone is happy. But it "smells". The question stands on a weird base or anti-pattern. Maybe the question should be changed ...
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How to Handle XY Problems for Off-Topic X [duplicate]

Preface: There are a large suite of questions on meta about handling XY problems; I have looked at this, but never found any that met my criteria. This talks about handling XY Problem questions, but ...
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