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How would a low quality question get a lot of upvotes?

I look through the Firebase tags (e.g., firebase) a lot and most of the questions are well formed and most get at least one upvote. However, this question has 5 upvotes (2 down), and I believe it to ...
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Does Stack Overflow prevent cartels? [duplicate]

Let's say I organize a group of users (or fake users/bots) with malicious intent to inflate reputation. They will ask questions and upvote each others' answers. To keep things safe, questions will ...
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How do we get rid of "upvote-rings" ..? [duplicate]

I see an increasing number of stupid questions ridiculously upvoted, and socalled "answers" incomprehensible upvoted. How can we avoid that? Reason: Misuse of the system and the whole Stack-concept.
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What is stopping anyone from going around and up/down-voting anything and everything?

So what is stopping me from up or down voting anything and everything on Stack Overflow? More importantly, what is stopping anyone from going around an up or down voting anything and everything?
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