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A/B testing of a "Trending" sort option for answers

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the Trending sort experiment. As we’ve been moving forward on the Outdated Answers project, one of the things that’...
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I don't really Stack Overfollow you there

I might not be the better person in terms of UI/UX, but I am wondering if the term "following" is the best choice for the link under a followed question: Especially considering all the ...
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Does Stack Overflow prevent cartels? [duplicate]

Let's say I organize a group of users (or fake users/bots) with malicious intent to inflate reputation. They will ask questions and upvote each others' answers. To keep things safe, questions will ...
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Why do some ordinary questions receive exceptionally high votes?

I would vote a question or an answer if I could learn something new or when the answer is very genius. However, I could not understand based on what criteria the other experienced SO users (those with ...
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How do we get rid of "upvote-rings" ..? [duplicate]

I see an increasing number of stupid questions ridiculously upvoted, and socalled "answers" incomprehensible upvoted. How can we avoid that? Reason: Misuse of the system and the whole Stack-concept.
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What does the sudden unupvotes mean?

I've observed that so many unupvotes suddenly in my profile. What is the reason for this?
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Should we be flagging when we think there's vote manipulation? Is it okay to have coworkers upvote questions?

Just having some trouble sleeping, so decided to check Stack Overflow (It's currently 1AM EST) And noticed this question with 5 upvotes within 5 minutes. Curious, I looked into it, and it had 4 views ...
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How would a low quality question get a lot of upvotes?

I look through the Firebase tags (e.g., firebase) a lot and most of the questions are well formed and most get at least one upvote. However, this question has 5 upvotes (2 down), and I believe it to ...
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Suspecting Voting Fraud - Do I Downvote Bad Questions?

I found a question that was low quality, and an answer that was even worse. Both the question and the answer had multiple up-votes within a minute or two. I looked at the OP's profile and found more ...
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Aren't new users throttled asking questions anymore?

How can this happen: I thought that new users were throttled with asking no more questions than one within 90 minutes? As @gnat stated in comments: since all the garbage they dumped is ...
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What is stopping anyone from going around and up/down-voting anything and everything?

So what is stopping me from up or down voting anything and everything on Stack Overflow? More importantly, what is stopping anyone from going around an up or down voting anything and everything?
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How to handle a questioner who won't try an answer?

I've gotten a LOT from this site, and I'm trying to start answering questions lately. I recently provided an answer to someone with a fair question about image resizing. However, instead of trying my (...
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What should be done with users found guilty of plagiarism?

This question is based on a recent case of a user who came to meta and complained about their plagiarized posts being deleted by a moderator, who did not receive any punishment except for losing the ...
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Question on plagiarized licensed code

In this question, the OP posted part of a licensed function from MATLAB Central, without any kind of attribution. Users pointed the lack of authoring information in the comments. I flagged the ...
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The rudeness on Stack Overflow is too damn high

We’ve been there, we’ve done that. I know. But I have to air a feeling of powerlessness against certain disruptive users, and I think that Stack Overflow should have a better mechanism of mitigating ...
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