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What is stopping anyone from going around and up/down-voting anything and everything?

So what is stopping me from up or down voting anything and everything on Stack Overflow? More importantly, what is stopping anyone from going around an up or down voting anything and everything?
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How to handle a questioner who won't try an answer?

I've gotten a LOT from this site, and I'm trying to start answering questions lately. I recently provided an answer to someone with a fair question about image resizing. However, instead of trying my (...
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What should be done with users found guilty of plagiarism?

This question is based on a recent case of a user who came to meta and complained about their plagiarized posts being deleted by a moderator, who did not receive any punishment except for losing the ...
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Is there a mechanism to detect sock-puppets? [duplicate]

Even a simplest one? Say, if some user gets all their downvotes reverted pretty fast, no matter how old and inactive the question is. And, I bet, the only activity of a Good Samaritan is to support ...

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