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Why did I get suspended from reviewing for 7 days instead of 2 without any explanation?

A lot of people look to be confused about review reviewing, and I think I'm one of them. I just got banned for 7 days after what appears to be a correct series of reviews to me, look at my history if ...
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How does a post reach the Help and Improvement queue?

I'm trying to understand the whole work-flow of following review queues: Triage Help and Improvement Low Quality Posts Is a post likely to follow the above mentioned queue life-cycle in the serial ...
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Review Suspension - Contradictory Recommendation

This question came up during a review. As many of you can see, all three people voted that the question should be edited to include more information - as it could have been a quality question, with ...
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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Reviewing triage queue, failed audit for unknown (to me) reason [duplicate]

I am fairly new to reviewing posts, and I stumbled upon this question to review: The user posted the following text:
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Replace "Requires Editing" button text with "Needs help"

TL;DR Let's put "Needs Help" on that button instead of "Requires Editing". In Triage, reviewers have three options: Unsalvageable, Requires Editing and Looks OK. Requires Editing means that users ...
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Are there statistics for "help and improvement"?

While writing this answer (where I express my frustration that the "help and improvement" queue seems to almost only consist of low-quality questions that could, if at all, only be improved by the ...
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Flagged question as "very low quality" got disputed because the edits. Should I re-flag them?

I flagged some questions because the OP just provides not much information. I just wanted the OP give some kind of explanation about his issue. this this or this I read Why are my flags disputed? ...
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why review queue shows "There are no review queues available to you" [duplicate]

When i click the review button it show's as below: I am seeing this for the first time though previously when there was nothing to review there was the queue name and the number of review need was ...
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`Request Editing` description should be changed [duplicate]

Today I got a ban from review. I didn't know why at first but I discovered that accessing manually the review page will give you the explanation. Your review on triage/24696115 wasn't helpful. "...
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Improve feature request duplicate visibility

Some weeks ago I suggested this: Change triage guidelines for “requires editing”, it scored 18 in less than one day. But, after this good run, it was tagged as a duplicate of another feature request ...
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How Low Quality questions get to Help and Improvement queue? [duplicate]

There are few posts about low quality questions in Help and Improvement queue which I agree for example new review is pretty much un-salvageable which became duplicate later, So I wanted to know how ...
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