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Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts

Moderators on Stack Overflow are currently discussing the addition of common link shorteners (,, tinyurl) to the site's blacklist. Before we do so, we'd like to see if the community ...
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I estimate 10% of the links posted here are dead. How do we deal with them?

TL;DR: Approximately 10% of 1.5M randomly selected unique links in the March 2015 data dump are unavailable. To be more precise, that is approximately 150K dead links. Motivation I've been running ...
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Does Stack Overflow check shared links in questions which may be malicious?

Usually we need to share some links so that our question is more clear. For example posting a link to the tutorial being followed or just linking to other questions in Stack Overflow. There may be a ...
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Was my edit wrong? (replacing link with the actual link)

I suggested an edit to this answer, with the comment replaced with actual link But it was rejected by reviewers (1, 2) with these reasons: This edit does not make the post even a little ...
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What to do about shortened URLs to broken links?

I occasionally run a search for shortened URLs and 'unshorten' them (I find out what they point to and replace the shortened link with the correct one). Lately I've found a number of links where the ...
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Cannot edit question that has URL shortener in the code example

When trying to fix an error in the code example of an old question for posterity, the editor will not let me save the change because the 'Body cannot contain "". The TinyURL ...
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Why is not blacklisted?

Common link shorteners have been blacklisted. Not though. There are currently 100 posts containing a link. That is more than what most shorteners listed in the cleanup post have. Is it ...
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When the short link is part of the error log, how to format it?

A small reminder that many short links domains (link shorteners) are impossible to post or edit by choice of the community. This includes,,,, etc. Consequently, ...
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Lists of grinding tasks to earn points

Are there lists of jobs to do for low rep people? I'm teaching a course this semester and I'm planning to bribe the students to be involved with SO. It's a beginners course, so they won't have the ...
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I found a bug (or at least strange behavior) in the search

I found a bug (or an unwanted feature) in the search engine. Most of the queries that I found trigger this behavior have both quoted and unquoted words/phrases. Note: I have discovered that you can ...
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Can we make other people's code "self-contained" by cleaning up external dependencies?

I often see questions with code samples depending on external resources (libraries, images). Those code samples are not self-contained, often more complicated to understand, and cannot be turned into ...
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