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Reputation cut down by 100

I see that my reputation has become 949 from 1049 even though I find no notification of downvotes anywhere. This happened around 5 mins ago. Can someone help me with why this has happened?
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Are late answers with invisible PayPal links acceptable?

I saw this late answer to a question, and I can't even tell if it attempts to answer the question at all. Anyway, there's an hidden link to PayPal at the end. Is that acceptable? I don't know if I ...
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Is it OK to edit obvious spam to break links?

I know moderators tend to handle spam flags pretty quickly, so this may not be entirely necessary, but I was wondering if it would be counter productive to break the links in obvious spam posts. I'm ...
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Two questions with the same body - is this a weird kind of spam?

Earlier today I encountered the question Inner join inverse Php mysql by @sanjay. This is a relatively new user with low rep, and this is his fourth question. Although the formatting and possibly the ...
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Telltales edited out of audit

Today I failed this audit, I said it "looks OK" based on the fact that it appeared to be a potential solution to OP's question. I agree that the answer is not the best out there, as it is basically ...
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Suggested Edits: What Do You Mean This Was Spam?

I can't honestly tell if this was an "audit" or not, but if it is, it really shouldn't be. I got onto the Suggested Edits review queue today and saw... You have made too many incorrect reviews. For ...
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Can we block or otherwise indicate a link whose destination differs from the text?

I read with interest this question about an audit fail: Audit Fail on Possibly Correct Answer to Obviously Poor Question The issue was a link where the text read like a Facebook URL, but the actual ...
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Why do I now have 1 reputation after posting a question? [closed]

I posted this question 20 minutes ago, which is now deleted and now I have 1 reputation! I can't seem to figure this one out, hopefully you guys can help. When I load my website, it opens up ...
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Why were my spam flags declined?

I recently flagged two answers for spam, due to the fact that both answers promote a product by a company by the name of Axiomatics; The OP in question of both answers was not disclosing the fact that ...
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Detecting punctuation link-spam in LQ-reviews / failed audit

I just came across a review in the low-quality queue that showed a badly formatted attempt of an answer with the comment: This post contains link-spam in punctation Since I could not directly ...
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