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Reevaluating Software Recommendation Questions [duplicate]

The Software Recommendations Stack Exchange site is now up for a while and proves that questions for which software will fit which purpose questions can be great content. I think we should take that ...
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Where can I ask about "finding a tool, library, or favorite off-site resource?"

Is there a Stack Exchange site where you can ask questions that are marked as off-topic on Stack Overflow because someone asked to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource?
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How much change to the question is too much?

I answered a Bounty question AddHandler not working for .php files - Apache 2.4 The scope of the original question was narrow but, as you can see, revision 3 changed the scope of the question (...
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How to find out if a question might lead to lengthy discussions instead of answers [duplicate]

Please be kind; I yet try to understand the culture of this site. I have been coding for 40 years now. I don't think anybody can say I am avoiding my own solutions, but my experience tells to avoid ...
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Are recommendations for books or tools off topic? [duplicate]

I suggested that someone check the “How to ask” section. While I was there, I browsed some other topics, and I found the section What topics can I ask about here? Please explain to me why software ...
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Why can we not post asking for resources for learning on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

So I asked this question on Stack Overflow asking for some resources to start learning Retrofit. I had a feeling I was going to get some negative responses saying that this is not a specific ...
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Where to ask how to start with stuff related to programming? [duplicate]

that is my question. I was in Stack Overflow and I asked: How to start with ReactJS?, then 4 downvotes comes up and the question was put on hold for this reason: put on hold as primarily opinion-...
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Request to reopen question on 'Which framework' [duplicate]

This question was closed as not constructive, long ago: Which JavaScript framework should I use for a Cordova project? I have edited the question and added some additional factors to consider while ...
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Is it wrong to ask about the existence of a library? [duplicate]

I asked The question was down-voted. Among other things, I was told that "...
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Where can I ask for recommendations for good and tested online training websites for ASP.NET? [duplicate]

I want to know if users know good and tested online training websites for the ASP.NET. I know this question does not fit Stack Overflow. Can you guide me where to ask this? Is there any Stack ...
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How/where can I best ask about resources for Computer Science self-study? [duplicate]

I feel that my computer science lexicon, and understanding of programming in general are not complete. I wanted to ask something along the lines of What is the best book/site to learn about computer ...
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Is it valid to ask for recommended a tool when I can not find one [duplicate]

Is this kind of question valid? I need a tool that help with "xxxx" while debugging in "yyyyy" IDE. I was using "zzzzz". However, it is not working anymore due to "tttttt". I could not find any ...
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Is it time for SO to reconsider its policy toward library-oriented questions to stay relevant with new trends in programming languages?

SO is about posting questions about solving programming problems: "how can I do this?". If the solution involves choosing the right library then the poster is out of luck: his question is likely to be ...
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