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User Edits Post And Leaves Threatening Comment

I've got a Python answer about urllib that has been around for a couple of years. A few edits have been made in that time and I've not had a problem with them, but I've just had an edit that came ...
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How to reduce answers with security issues?

I think security is a big issue on Stack Overflow. There are tons of old answers with bad advice and some with a high amount of upvotes. We already have everything we need to handle bad answers by ...
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How can I get clarification for a large set of contradictory answers related to my problem?

I needed to do something extremely simple with PHP/mySQL. Tutorials seemed a little too simple, and also were doing something different. Started a Stack Overflow question, read about a half-dozen "...
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Poorly worded 8-year old question with hundreds of votes and security implications

TL;DR. A question with a title that asks specifically for crypto code, all answerers think it's reasonable to ignore security feedback, specifically because the question is poorly worded. Years in the ...
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Automatically mark questions with SQL injections vulnerabilities

A live list of SQL injection vulnerabilities in Stack Overflow posts was trending on Hacker News a few days ago. I immediately felt the urge to click on all the questions and alert the author to the ...
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Warnings on past answers that use mysql_ functions [duplicate]

With the deprecation of mysql_ functions from PHP 7, I think it would be beneficial from the community to display generic warning messages on past answers using any mysql_ functions. An idea of the ...
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What to do when massive downvoting hits you due to an external source?

This answer, discussed on meta here, has already generated way too much attention, insanely too much. Those who can view the upvote/downvote ratio will understand why. Please read carefully the meta ...
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Posting malicious code as an answer

A note to the reader: I posted this question because I felt that something more needed to be done than I had already done. I was wrong. After a spirited, but civilized debate, a definitive answer was ...
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Problematic PHP Cryptography Advice in Popular Questions

Update 2015-07-22: The specific problems listed below have, for the most part, been remedied. More work remains to be done to clean up other instances of insecure code or bad security advice. If ...
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How can we deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

I was prompted to ask this after reading this answer (scored +749/-3) Note: The answer has been edited and is now correct. Previous version The answer wasn't bad when it was added, but the ...
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