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Enhance moderation ability by encouraging excellent content

I have a proposal, I've been upholding it for quite a while now, and I'd like to share my efforts with the rest of the high (30k+) reputation users. I found a way to both encourage great content and ...
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Close vote seeding in PHP chat getting out of hand?

I don't mean to point fingers or cast blame on an individual, but I've noticed that PHP chat has a lot of cv-pls requests on questions that I believe are valid, to varying degrees. See here While I am ...
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Make philanthropic bounties a real part of site culture

With the site now well into its seventh year, there is a solid field of users with a lot of reputation points and nothing really to do with them except, well, amassing even more of them. What if we ...
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Is there a better way to deal with low-quality questions that have a bounty attached?

This question (How do I create an infinite loop?) has a whopping 500 Point Bounty on it. The question is, as you may have guessed, exactly that - the user has no idea what an infinite loop is. It even ...
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Finding out if someone has been the recipient of multiple bounties from the same person is tedious to say the least

The transfer of reputation via bounties is one way unscrupulous users can get round voting limits or increase the reputation of sock puppets without triggering the vote fraud tools. The tooltip that ...
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Award a bounty for a good question

As far as I know you can only award a bounty for an answer. Sometimes I see really good questions - which I promptly vote up - but in addition would like to award them with a bounty for asking such a ...
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What should I do when I see users collaborating to keep a bounty's reputation between them?

So there was this question on SO which wasn't a very good question to begin with. It didn't get any attention because of that and someone, presumably a friend of the OP offered a bounty on it. I ...
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A question regarding "promotional bounties"

I have recently spent some time collecting information to write an answer to an old question because I haven't found a similarly complete answer on Stack Overflow on that topic (i.e., I felt it wasn't ...
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Upvoting members without enough upvotes or activity to encourage them

Sometimes I give a series of 3 upvotes for: Members who have been here for a long time, who log in but either do not seem to contribute anymore or contribute very rarely (I hope to encourage them) ...