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What (if any) action should be taken when the same answer appears on several questions?

Going through the review queue for the late answers I've spotted that the same answer is literally copy-pasted to several questions: https://...
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Why was my spam flag on an answer containing affiliate links declined?

I reported this answer as spam, since it contains affiliate links and does not really answer the question- the flag was immediately declined. Now the user posted the same answer on three different ...
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What to do with a lot of comments?

Check out this question. There are a lot of comments (27, currently), mostly by a single user, which can be cast in a single comment. So, is there anything I can do? Or should I just move on?
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Why are my comments disappearing on my question?

Comments in my question (if I remember correctly, not only mine) keep disappearing but I didn't delete them myself. Is is possible that comments are deleted automatically if a word in them is on a ...
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What to do with answers that are copy and paste of other answers here

This is slightly different from similar questions here. If an answer is a direct copy and paste from another answer here, with a link to the other answer, what should we do about the copied answer? ...
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Do spam/vandalism suggested edit rejections raise mod flags automatically?

For the first time I can ever recall in over 1000 suggested edit reviews, I just came across an act of deliberate vandalism that wasn't an audit. I rejected it with the spam or vandalism rejection ...
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Insight into auto-flags on posts (and possibly generic spam/VLQ/NAA flags) for 10k users

Recently, I witnessed a rollback war on a question in which the user repeatedly was trying to deface his post mocking people for downvoting his answer. Shortly thereafter, I was inclined to flag the ...
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Can we reduce the amount of code-only answers entering the Low Quality Post review queue?

Whenever I go into the "Low Quality Posts" review queue, I'd say a good 75% or more of them are code-only answers. I almost always say they "Look OK". Looking through some older meta posts, this has ...
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