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My flag was declined. Why? [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as not an answer. When I flagged, the answer was in this state. The OP edited the answer later, but my flag was declined. Why?
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Why was my NAA flag declined if OP has edited the answer? [duplicate]

I have flagged an answer as NAA at 21:46:05Z but the author has turned it into a proper answer at 22:01:24Z. My flag was declined 5 minutes ago. If you edit a post in LQP thus salvaging it, then the ...
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Moderator view for user flags needs an update!

So first to clear some things out. I read this comment on this answer: So does a mod see when a user flagged the post and does he looks at the post how it looked at the specific time? Especially ...
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How should flags then edits be handled? [duplicate]

A user posts a low quality answer - a clarification request. I see it and flag it, then move on. After I leave, the answer is improved, but the edit happens too quickly to be registered separately. A ...
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How to "un-decline" a flag raised for an answer edited afterwards? [duplicate]

I flagged the following "answer" as "not an answer": +1 Would like to do the same thing Dis you find a solution? which IMHO is perfectly fine to flag. Afterwards the post was edited and ...
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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Note, there is a similar request on MSE which is 2 years old. Note also that the observations made here can be put in perspective of the comment flag change which is going to encapsulate lots of ...
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What happens when a question or answer is updated after I raise a flag?

I came across an answer that was a one-line suggestion to the OP and could have been a comment. When I attempted to explain this to the poster, they disagreed, so I raised a not-an-answer flag. Some ...
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Declined flag - not an answer after edit [duplicate]

I recently reported this post when it popped up on the site. After flagging as "Not an Answer", I moved on and continued answering questions on the site. Today, I log into my account, and I see this: ...
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Why was this NAA flag declined on a random text post? [duplicate]

I flagged the first revision this post as NAA because it was just a random text that had nothing to do with a proper answer. Later, this post was edited to include a proper answer, and now my NAA ...
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NAA flag declined after answer got edited [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as not an answer, because first the OP said "I found my error thanks for the help". After that he edited his answer and added a real answer, and my flag got declined. Should I ...