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Deleting a valid question on purpose [duplicate]

I've seen this couple of times, but this time (10k+) it hit me and I decided to get attention on how some users are misusing Stack Overflow for their own purpose. In short, it looks like some ...
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Undelete a question [duplicate]

Following the answers on this question, I would like to request this post to be undeleted. I think the question had value; from what I can judge, my post just did answer it and ultimately, a couple of ...
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Situation of deletion up to come [duplicate]

I'm quite new to Stack Overflow, and whatever the quality (high or low) of the question, I noticed frequent deletions of questions once a satisfying answer is given (not only in threads I've been ...
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OP deleted question after getting a satisfactory answer [duplicate]

I came across a question earlier which I thought was fairly straightforward. I gave my answer and soon OP commented on it saying its good but requires a certain modification. After editing my answer ...
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I answered a question, and now it's gone [duplicate]

I answered a question about an hour or so ago. The OP commented on it, and I revised my answer as per his comments. The OP seemed content with the answer I provided. As it was a new user I left a ...
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Owner deletes his own question when he's got his answer [duplicate]

20 minutes ago, a user asked a question about twig comparison on a symfony project. That was an easy question, but the solution is not an evident one, especially for twig beginners. Two users, ...
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Make deleted posts searchable for 30 days

I regularly teach programming classes. Like most instructors, I occasionally see students that I know to be both lazy and weak turn in suspiciously good projects and sometimes am able to locate online ...
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'We should be focusing on the post, not the poster' is not working well :(

I'm getting tired of the homework vamps who delete their question as soon as they get their code to work. It's just happened again, and the commenter who had finally managed to find the most serious ...
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I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

I asked a question related to a course I was taking. I followed all the Stack Overflow rules, and I got a useful answer. But it's coming to the end of the [grading period here], and my professor has ...
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Is it a good idea to have an IP-level question ban?

While reading about question ban, I found this comment by Jeff Atwood, explaining that users are banned by IP address so that they cannot circumvent the ban by creating a new account. I don't know ...
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Why am I not allowed to vote to delete or undelete another user's post more than once? [Obsolete]

Moderator note: The Stack Exchange software will no longer permit multiple delete or undelete votes as of Oct 26, 2021. This rule is now officially obsolete under these changes. A question or answer ...
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Request for moderation: New user asked and deleted own questions including good answers

Following the suggestion posted here, I'd like feedback on a situation I encountered yesterday from a new user. The new user posted around 5 questions, each seemingly building a bit off the others. ...
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Does this deleted question deserve undeletion?

Some time ago I've answered this question (screenshot for < 10k users), which was then deleted by the author (whose profile also seems to have been deleted). I've since requested undeletion and ...
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Statistics on answered questions deleted by their author

What percentage of open, zero or greater scored, answered questions are deleted by their author within 24 hours of posting? When can’t I delete my own post? You can’t delete your own question when it:...
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Please allow us to self-delete questions for a short time even if an upvoted answer exists

In this post, the author (myself), asked quite silly typo question. I wanted to delete it as soon as I noticed my mistake. However, I could not, because one person had time to answer it and get a ...
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Request to undelete community auto delete

I asked this question on Jan 6 and forgot to check for updates on it. It took me a while to realize it had been deleted as it was over 30 days old and had a score of -1. In my opinion this is a ...
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Is there a way to recover my answer to another users deleted question?

A few times I have experienced that I spent time writing an answer to a question only to find that the question was deleted. This seems to cause my answer to simply disappear from the universe. Is ...
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What happened to this question?

I helped answer this question and followed up with OP. I found it deleted after going to sleep. Why was it deleted? Flask upload file to produce curve in Python
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