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What's the recourse when duplicate answers don't mean duplicate questions? [duplicate]

I found a different solution for a problem that I've seen on various different questions. I don't think they're all duplicates, but my answer serves anyone encountering them equally well. Once my ...
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Answer deleted by moderator from a question that I flagged as a duplicate a year ago, because the answer was a duplicate and the question was not? [duplicate]

This question is not a duplicate and has no duplicates on the sites, or any sites, or the whole internets. Why did this answer get removed by a moderator ...
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Deleted duplicate answers policy [duplicate]

The moderator deleted an answer because I added my answer to all the questions that my answer could possible solve. So now people will not see a possible fix, which I spent half the day trying to ...
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Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions?

When someone asks a questions on SO, they are expected to check that the question was not asked before. It is even worse if the question has been asked some 20 times before, because it shows little ...
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Why do we reward users for answering bad questions and would it be a good idea to incentivize those who downvote or flag them instead?

I've noticed that a simple way to earn reputation is by answering easy questions. Even if I don't know the answer to a question it will often be very similar to another question or only take a few ...
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What to do with an almost-duplicate question with a better answer?

I ran into a problem with Perl relating to 64-bit Windows, but I didn't know it at the time I wrote the question. After one answer was posted pointing out the 64-bit issue (but not really providing a ...
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Can a question be a duplicate if it's totally different? [duplicate]

There is this question: Why does changing a css class name break the styles? that reminded me of this question: Why row won't show up? but only after the answer was given, which was that it was caused ...
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Answering a duplicate question with an answer from the original question?

What can we do with answering a duplicate question using the same answer from the original question? And why whould someone do this?
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Can a reference question be used as a dupe target?

Here’s the specific problem I’m trying to tackle: Roughly once a week, someone ends up posting a question along the lines of “Help! My GraphQL endpoint is returning null!” Unfortunately, the ...
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Duplicate question (but only when you know the answer)?

There are quite a few questions where the answer is the same as the answer to another (generally far more generic) question. A common example is a Java question where the OP is reporting some ...
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Mistaken deleted answer

I believe a moderator has made a mistake in his moderation of this answer: Pandas cannot open an Excel (.xlsx) file The answer is similar to this one: ......
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How should you answer a question that is almost a duplicate, but not quite? [duplicate]

Suppose I notice a question is a duplicate, and I vote to close it. But the duplicate question is only very similar, not exactly the same. Is it acceptable/appropriate to include code from the more-...
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