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Increase the character limit for Documentation introductions [closed]

As per the documentation update of november 29th, a "Introduction" section was added for documentation topics. Since I "abused" a pinned example to serve as an introduction, on a topic I wrote, I ...
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Languages and the environments where they're used should have different tags [closed]

Right now the JavaScript section of Documentation is having a lot of topics and examples regarding one of its environments, the browser. Node, which is another JS environment has its own section. ...
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Can we use citations to evaluate the usefulness of Examples? [closed]

Back when Documentation was announced, we got this comment: If SO became the #1 repository of easily-searchable examples by language, framework, etc. I would never look anywhere else. Yes, one can ...
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Documentation wikis to prevent duplicated content between tags [closed]

Can we have a 'Documentation Tag Wiki' that sits within the dashboard page of a tag and gives a brief explanation of what should be documented under that tag? I've just made a change to the remarks ...
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Let me vote on remarks and sort them in with the examples [closed]

Documentation prioritizes examples1. The official Jsoup cookbook already has the examples/recipes a user needs to use Jsoup effectively; there's no point in replicating them in Documentation. ...
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'popular' in documentation

In documentation when 'popular' tab is selected, the tags are ordered based on the number of topics each tag has got (screenshot below). In the main page of each tag, it looks 'popular' tab orders ...
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How should anything more complex than small libraries be presented in Documentation? [duplicate]

I am a bit baffled by the structure. For instance, say I want to document an entire class as part of a framework. If I choose to create a topic for that class, I am left with a Syntax section that is ...
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Documentation: Has there been any discussion around related/linked documentation topics? [closed]

Has there been any discussion of how to re-use or group together documentation that is relevant to multiple technologies? Linux seems like a big problem in general. Ubuntu, Mandrake, Puppy, Red Hat, ...
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Documentation structure [duplicate]

Most documentation I find the most helpful tends to be organized in some kind of a tree-like structure. While there is obviously the ability to break information up by tags, and then even more by ...
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Add stackoverflow-style tags to topics [duplicate]

There's been a post requesting a hierarcheral to documentation, but I think it's not very user friendly. Instead, I propose Stack Overflow tags. They take longer to access and are more complex Take a ...
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Allow nested topics [duplicate]

Some tags are accumulating hundreds of topics, and many topics are accumulating a lot of examples covering various aspects of the topic. We should be able to create hierarchies of topics so people ...
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Order of examples within a topic [duplicate]

Examples are currently shown in the order they were created. What happens when later examples are providing more basic information about the topic than earlier examples? Should a mechanism for ...
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What is wrong with the vertical spacing in bulleted lists?

There is a related question: rendering of lists. It is marked as "status-completed" however but I am not sure if it is the same problem. Now I am on Windows+Firefox and I see such a picture: ...
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Don't you think that a category system would be useful for Documentation? [duplicate]

Let's say you choose a tag, for example css This tag has only categories in the Documentation, but each category has subcategories in css. Each subcategory need syntax and more examples. What ...
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Qualify participants by standards/examples test not rep [closed]

The Q&A review process tests reviewers occasionally and implements temporary review bans when applicable. Why is there nothing similar in Documentation? Anyone can enter or review whatever they ...
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