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Using NAA on jokes that make no attempt to answer the question

According to every post I've read on the subject, be it on the SE meta, or on this meta, Not an Answer flags are limited strictly to answers which don't even look like an answer. And yet, when I ...
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You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue

If you're reviewing low quality posts, I'd like you to read this. All of it. Not skim it, not just vote up/down with everyone else. In exchange, I'll keep it short. Or if you are too busy, here you go:...
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Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

Sorry mods, another one of those "a one liner isn't enough of an explanation and I can't fit all of this in another flag" posts. So... What issues should be considered when overriding equals and ...
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Can we please clear misunderstanding that deleting old highly upvoted posts causes reputation loss?

One of the reasons I've heard for not wanting to delete old posts that are really not up to today's standards is that the reputation will be lost. An example (and I'm not trying to pick on a moderator ...
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Should you answer questions where the cause of the problem is a typo?

I see that this question has been asked many times but it seems that some users do not know how to handle these types of questions. I ask this question to show the following question: Print in text ...
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When is a 'Not an answer' answer not a 'Not an answer' answer?

Some background: I came across an answer of the form this has been answered [here](link) in the Low Quality Posts review queue and flagged it for deletion since it falls under the category of '...
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NAA flags should show the key question info to ♦ mods

After reading another question about a declined NAA flag I found it could be easily avoidable if the moderator had seen the question. Taken from the answer by @Martijn Pieters♦ : But yes, if I had ...
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Are attempts to answer a non-programming question NAA?

According to Why are answers for completely unrelated languages attempts to answer the question? , answers that attempt to answer a question other than the one asked, for instance by answering with a ...
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A little consistency in flag reviews?

There are pages and pages of questions here about how to correctly and incorrectly flag answers as "not an answer" - which itself to me kind of suggests that that whole process needs some love - and I'...
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NAA flags declined because the question should be deleted (but I can't vote to delete)

I recently had a few flags declined because the moderator thought that the entire question should've been closed and/or deleted. However, I can't vote to delete yet because I don't have enough ...
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Trying to understand "Not an answer" flag with off-topic answers [duplicate]

I just got my First Post flag declined and am trying to improve my understanding of when to flag answers that are not trying to answer the questions. I flagged this answer as not an answer, but ...
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