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Is this "fake" question with a documentation like answer on topic?

How to understand Format Specifiers in C programming It's a ... "fake" question with an answer which is very documentation like. Ignoring the mistakes in the answer for a moment, is such a question /...
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How should I handle a non reproducible question as a question author?

I asked a question (screenshot) because my app was exiting immediately whenever I launched my app from the Dock but not when I tested it in Xcode. The only change I thought I had made that I thought ...
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Question closed for no obvious reason [duplicate]

This question: External application remote control from Red language was closed as "too broad", which looks like an inaccurate characterization. The author asks for a way to automate the GUI of third-...
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How could I have better shared an open-source library that I wrote?

If I understand it correctly, the voting system should help reduce as much as possible the influence of the subjective opinions, leaving a mean estimate of the question/answer's quality made by the ...
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Bilingual questions

I am thinking of migrating some IT-specific FAQ from a public telegram group into Stack Overflow. The domain area is quite popular: Java, ESB, integration, etc. Two pitfalls I have: All the ...
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If I have a similar question to one that received poor feedback should I improve it, or ask my own?

I have a question that is basically the same as this one However, the question has received ...
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How can I deal with downvotes on self-answered questions? [duplicate]

I've been posting a significant number of Q&A questions on the main SO site in the previous 6-12 months. For me this format is not only attractive because it allows me to share my knowledge, but ...
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How can I improve this downvoted question?

I'm working to make my questions better and with my latest I have made sure I conformed to the whole outline. I think my question is good, but for some reason I still received downvotes. I'm not sure ...
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Procedure and requirements for writing a canonical question/answer [duplicate]

I noticed over the last few days that one particular problem keeps showing up. I went searching for a good canonical question to deal with all of these and wasn't satisfied with what I found. I wrote ...
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Is it okay to ask and answer a question that may help others? [duplicate]

A couple of days back someone asked a question on SO that he wanted to do X (show an array in a message box) in Y (console application) and the first answers it got told the OP that you can infact do ...
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Are questions for clarity off-topic? [duplicate]

I have a question about some topic and I found the answer myself (at least I think so). Would the following be on-topic? How are structures passed and returned by value in the SysV-ABI? ...Some ...
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