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Question and self answers (not canonical) that start with an off-topic question

I recently wrote a Q&A on Stack Overflow. This question and answer pair were not actually intended to be canonical (at least not as a dupe target). Questions and self answers are encouraged on ...
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Why is SO discouraging questions and answers writing? [closed]

I have been continuously feeling that SO nowadays discourages Q&A writing on SO. I come across a problem, and I do: - Search (Google, Bing, etc.) - Find similar a question and answers that links ...
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What should we do with "How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development"?

Recently How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development was posted and had several upvotes, but it was also closed. NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What to do about hundreds of the ...
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When answering your own question, do you need to show what you've tried?

Posted a question and used "Answer your own question" to post an answer instantly with the question. How to get the count of day with most rows with MySQL Because this was a purely educational ...
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Posting imperfect answers to your own question

Before I post a question on Stack Overflow, I spend quite a bit of time trying to answer it myself. Along the way I've thought up solutions that aren't quite right, maybe because they're solutions to ...
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Is it appropriate to ask and answer your own question as a method of improving content? [duplicate]

This question was just asked and answered by the same contributor on SO: How do I print my Java object without getting "SomeType@2f92e0f4"? His comment: After much searching, I failed ...
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Can I/Should I use SO to record my own solutions to problems where I have found an answer?

I've tagged this as a feature request, but I'm not sure if there is already an accepted way to do this. I often find solutions to problems which I record somewhere and then later lose. Simple ...
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Why does milliseconds in a VBA Date variable trigger angry responses? [closed]

I posted a technical question that I was surprised drew angry responses. Sure, I want to be right, but there is more I need to learn and the discourse has been stifled by the anger, and the angry ...
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How Do I Improve My In Depth Q/A? [duplicate]

I was interested in a topic I did not know much about, and had a specific question in mind. I researched and answered my own question to the best of my ability in one night of research, and I invited ...
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What's "primarily opinion-based" about the question: "Does this code exhibit a bug?"

Granted, that's not the exact wording I used in the question I asked, but it essentially boils down to this. It's a question that comes up so many times, that I decided to ask, and submit an answer ...
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Understanding Downvotes on SO

I asked a question initially ( on SO on use of special characters in markdown tables (general ...
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Why is my own accepted answer not on top? [duplicate]

I have a question which I self-answered, and my accepted answer is not on top. I know that is by design. But why? My answer works - I can tell best, because I had the problem. And now all these ...
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Documenting through self-answered questions

Back in a year or so I came across this question which is an attempt to make SO a reference for documentation. This quite puzzled me as I was (and still am, at least to an extent) considering SO more ...
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Can we make posting a question with an answer easier?

As a developer I learn some really random ins and outs of various tools and libraries that I use on a daily basis. I often want to document, those stupid little things that cost me 4 hours to figure ...
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What subjects would be good for a self-answered question? [closed]

I'm good at researching, and I'm also good at debugging, so I rarely find the need to ask for help here. But I still want to contribute questions, which is an enormous part of SO. I have gotten the ...
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