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How to provide possible solutions to your own questions? [duplicate]

You ask a question and you have a few ideas on how to solve it, but you are not sure which, if any, is the best. Here is a least of possible ways to present these ideas: The first way is to list ...
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Understanding Downvotes on SO

I asked a question initially ( on SO on use of special characters in markdown tables (general ...
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If I have a similar question to one that received poor feedback should I improve it, or ask my own?

I have a question that is basically the same as this one However, the question has received ...
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Are self-answered questions still encouraged on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

So, let me tell you a story about how a series of individually well-intended steps led me to apparently become the scourge of Stack Overflow. I was working on a small project, and I ran into an odd ...
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Is there a way to post handy solutions to questions not being asked on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was googling for 'Python convert German date to day of week'. Since I could not find anything I wrote my own script to convert a date like this: "04.07.2016" -> 0 (Monday) "05.07.2016" -> 1 (...
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Procedure and requirements for writing a canonical question/answer [duplicate]

I noticed over the last few days that one particular problem keeps showing up. I went searching for a good canonical question to deal with all of these and wasn't satisfied with what I found. I wrote ...
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What subjects would be good for a self-answered question? [closed]

I'm good at researching, and I'm also good at debugging, so I rarely find the need to ask for help here. But I still want to contribute questions, which is an enormous part of SO. I have gotten the ...
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Are there guidelines to how much "What have you tried" should be in a self answered question? [duplicate]

I have thought about posting a self answered question. I have read, that the question must have the same quality as any other question - including the "What have you tried" part. But at the same time ...
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Is it okay to ask and answer a question that may help others? [duplicate]

A couple of days back someone asked a question on SO that he wanted to do X (show an array in a message box) in Y (console application) and the first answers it got told the OP that you can infact do ...
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Is it appropriate to ask and answer your own question as a method of improving content? [duplicate]

This question was just asked and answered by the same contributor on SO: How do I print my Java object without getting "SomeType@2f92e0f4"? His comment: After much searching, I failed ...
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Should a user ask a question he already knows the answer? [duplicate]

I came across a question with an open bounty on SO, nothing special about it until I saw the reputation of the OP, 36K, with 2k on python and 487 on django tags. The question there is : Does pip ...

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